chapter 18

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Jason's POV

I woke up at 5 in the morning. I couldn't sleep last night with my mate kidnapped. I went straight towards the meeting room and started to analyse the reports of the officer incharge during the kidnapping.

Everyone entered the room by 9. But Jake he arrived at his usual time 11...!!! I was furious how could he be not worried ? He doesn't love her like we do. Lawrence answered.

I continued my work. " we received a mms Alpha. By anonymous. " zac said. I nodded and told him to play. The video started with Brady saying something. My focus was fixed on Nicole. She looked so tired and exhausted. She tried to say something but he closed her mouth. She bit his arm. " Don't give your pack away. I'll kill you myself- " she said but Brady slapped her. Slapped My Mate. It was clear I was going to kill him. I didn't care if he was Alpha Micheal's son.

He hurt my mate and he will die. I will be the one to kill him.

I could see his dead body in front of me. It was Brady O'Connor's body.
My blood was boiling. Zac put his hand on my shoulder. He knew I was angry everyone did. "We need more members in our pack. Alpha" some member of the Waterwave mentioned. " We Need To Combine Forces "Jake said. I knew what he meant. In order to take control over a pack you need to defeat an Alpha. Defeat him or kill him. We can only mindlink if we are the members or Alpha. We had to fight.

We decided to fight at 12:00 pm. The Alpha was going to change.

At noon.

I wore boxers and assembled at the pack hall. I went to gym and practiced for about an hour. I wanted to kind of control and have my mate in my pack. I knew if I asked her Jake wouldn't allow her. I was in denial. I said no for everything. I just was worried for my mate. I had no idea about how was she? Was she fine? Has she eaten? Does she get adequate beauty sleep? I was going to faint.

A mate is always in vain when his/ her mate is missing. I was so weak and I hated that feeling.

I entered and Jake was standing with his crew. I was so angry when I saw him. He hit my mate and he is going to regret. How dare he even lay a finger on her. I was fuming with anger and wanted rage.

I entered the ring.

He threw a punch and he missed.I smirked. I punched him on his jaw. He winced in pain while going back.
He jumped and kicked me in the stomach. He punched my jaw. " Now that wasn't very nice." I said smirking.
" like I care." He said. " You should ....after all ...I 'm the one...caused you Pain." I said punching him in between. I could hear his members thoughts. That's a good sign, you hear the voices.that's mindlink. He pushed me hard and I hit the door breaking it. He was on top of me. He punched me thrice. I pushed and stretched my back. It cracked a few bones. I liked the sound of that.

We were at the ground level. He was smirking."Are you tired little guy....should I call your mommy. Oh...I forgot she's not here." He said faking a sympathy face. I got angry as hell at the mention of my mother.
I punched him at his stomach and then face really hard 5 times. I stopped and let him breathe. He looked hurt like hell. I took that opportunity and hit him with my head. My wolf howled in Victory.

He Humphed in defeat. I smirked.

I could now hear all of the members.

All hail the New Alpha someone said.

Long live Alpha Jason.

It sounded good hearing my bullies call me Alpha with respect. I smirked.

You are now members of Red Moon pack. Welcome aboard.

All of them smiled. I asked them to continue. I was happy cause whenever I used to order respect from my mate she used to say that I was not her alpha and she would not listen to me.

I was now Alpha of Red Moon Pack as well as Waterwave pack. Or there was no Waterwave pack left.

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