chapter 26

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Nicole's POV

I felt a warm hand on my waist. I felt safe and cozy. Last night was the best night of my life. My mate loves me and he confessed it. Well remembering that he also won the bet. He could ask anything he wants and I couldn't refuse. That made my heart pump very fast. I almost thought it was going to jump out of my chest. Ignoring all of that I concentrated on the present.

I could feel my backhair rising because of Jason's breath. His warm breath on the side of my neck. A side of his head on mine. I caught his hand moved myself so I could face him. His blue green eyes shut. His jaw bone showing power and authority. His haircut formal but sexy at the same time. His lips soft, pink and demanding. "Good morning" I said in low voice." Good morning nic" he said in a sexy tone. Oh...I loved his morning voice. He smirked " I love yours too honey" he said opening his eyes......I guess I said that out loud. So embarrassing.

I looked down but he held my chin high. I smiled and we kissed. His mouth tasted so good. His kiss demanding yet not rough. My hands couldn't leave his hair which were messed up in sleep. But that only added to his charming looks. His hand wrraped around my back and lips. I pulled back. Pecked his lips and was about to get up." Where do you think you're going miss." He said demanding. I pecked his lips and his face softened. " I have to go pee" I said in a childish tone. " No please just stay here for sometime then go." He said pulling back the covers. I looked at him with puppy eyes. He mumbled fine and I rushed to the bathroom.

I brushed and started the hot water. The water hit my body and it felt so good. I started to think of the happy stuff and only one person I can imagine. Jason Harrison. I smiled to that........ You're so in love. My wolf said. Ugh stupid animal we're in love.

I didn't know where was the towels. This was his bathroom. I slept in his room. I looked out to see a cuboard in his walk in cuboard. I started to walking towards the cuboard. I quickly wrraped it around my body. I heard someone open the door and I ran towards the bathroom. But I slipped from the water that was dripping while I was coming ti get the towel. This will hurt.I prepared my self for the hit. But instead dropped in to warm hands. I opened my eyes and saw a Greek god. I blinked twice and thrice and then it was clear. It was Jason. He was a black sweatshirt. His muscles lean but strenght as a hulk.
" take a picture babes it'll last longer." He said smirking. I had no response to that and I just smiled.

" precious cargo." He said." Yep....very fragile. It will need a lot of care" I said.I flattered. "I know.... Don't worry I'll take good care of you." He said smirking. "Yeah we'll see." I said getting straight. " you wanna see how much I love you. " he said and I knew what he meant. I pushed him and ran to the bathroom.

After dressing up I went down for breakfast. Everyone was sitting at the table. I reached and Jason pulled a chair for me to sit. I sat without looking at him. I knew he was about to ask me about the bet.

I ate breakfast as if i was a hungry tigeress. Truth is that I wanted to be away from Jason I knew he was going to ask me about his price. I just had to confess to him. I should have known he wouldn't marry her. Jean ......where was she. I had not seen her after the ceremony. I feel that I'm being such a slut. Two times I did that to her. But I know the second time i t was me but hey he was mine. We were supposed to be together by destiny. " so about the bet..." Jason was about to say something but I inturupted. " yeah its OK I win, you don't have to do anything. It's fine I give it away." I said and stood up. I was going to run but jase got my wrist. "Gave it away..!!! Wait a second how can you. I Won." He said and I gasped." What!! no no no I Won. Remember..I i-i" I tried to say but I couldn't lie to his face. " remember what..!! I Won and I want my price." He said in a demanding tone.
" don't you use that tone mister. I am your mate nor your pawn or soldier at war." I said trying to change the topic. "Ohh....don't you dare change the topic young lady. I want my price and I will have it even if I have beg borrow or steal. Hook or crook you will have admit it." He said.

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