chapter 30.

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Jake's POV

The moment I saw Jason save Nicole I knew I had to get her away from him.
But I lost in the fight and no longer am the alpha. But Nicole is the only girl I ever loved. Even if she found her mate. I am right for her and the only one right for her. She was mine and only Mine. But I had no pack nor power. I left them alone but I promised myself to return.

Now I am driving my car to another town. I saw a board that read.
'Mystic Falls' I drove further. I saw a bar and decided to take a halt. I had no idea what I was doing. Where I was but I had one thing on my mind.

: Find the person who dared to hurt my mate And KILL HIM.

: Become an Alpha once again.

: Marry Nicole, live happily ever after.

Rubbing my eyes......forget Nicole look for my mate. Ignoring my wolf I ordered a beer. I saw a hot girl coming my way. But got stopped by some guy and didn't come my way. I ignored her and concentrated on my drink. I couldn't help but overheard them. "why do you do this you're my mate." The guy said. He kinda sounded like me. Wait a second he us a wolf. He will have an Alpha!!

I turned around and gripped his hand and banged him against the wall.
"You're a wolf. Do you have an Alpha." I asked and he nodded.
" Speak" I said. And he didn't reply. He tried to twist my hand but I outsmarted him. The girl screamed and tried to get me off of him. I shook her off and punched him hard on his cheek. This one's an omeaga.

I smiled. " our pack controls Mystic Fall and its humans.Our pack is mostly made of rogues. Our alpha is strong and big and black. His name is Bardy...........Brady O'Connor." He said gulping hard. This is the guy kidnapped my mate. This alpha hurt my mate. Maybe coming here was not a bad idea after all. I realised I was choking him and left him immediately. He gasped for air. "Ohh..
I'm so sorry I hurt you. Actually i'm a rogue too. I just tense that I might face an attack." I said.
" its okay I understand. You're a pretty strong wolf do you belong to beta's position. " he asked and I shook my head no. "I was kicked out for sleeping with the beta's daughter.' I said and didn't even know I lied.
Stupid wolves....but useful I must say.

" So can you take me to your alpha. I don't have a job and a place to live." I said looking down. I saw their head nodd. " that sounds like an amazing idea. " they said in sync and kissed each other. They were in love and that made me remember about Nicole. It was 10 at night and they decided to take me to their place.
Their apartment was very near. They spared to give me sofa. I slept.

Tommorrow I was going to meet the alpha of the rogues......

In the morning*

I woke up hearing a girly sound. It was Helene (girl) and Leonardo(boy).
"Wake up sunshine" I heard her say.
I opened my eyes but couldn't open them in a go. I blinked few times and opened them. I saw her in a pink frock. He was in black jeans and yellow shirt. I went to the bathroom and completed my daily chores.
I wore blue jeans and dark brown shirt. I started to walk with them. they said that their pack house was pretty near. And they also told me that apparently Leonardo was the gamma of the pack. Gamma so weak I would squash the alpha like a pea.

We reached the pack house and everyone's attention was on me. I looked around neat. Pretty Neat.
But this place was quite small compared to mine. I had to work a lot on it. The pack members seemed a little weak. My pack was not as strong as Jason's but this time I would work more hard for getting the love of my life. We reached the living room. Alpha Brady had never seen me. I saw him in the video that was sent. He had slapped my love. I was going to avenge her. The alpha sat on a huge chair that made me guess he was the alpha. He held his head high. He was sure a strong one.

" speak rogue " he said. " My name is Jason Drew. I was a part of the Fire Proof Pack but was banished for sleeping with the beta's daughter. " I said in a different tone. I changed my name figering he already knew mine.
" So Leonardo tells me you're strong. You think it's true" he asked me.
" Depends on every persons opinion. " I said and he brought his hand near to his jaw thinking about something.
" you know for a wolf you're too sure of your answers." He said. I knew it I was too confident and pridey.

I looked down thinking of no answer.
" I challenge you to fight Mark. He is one of the strongest wolf form our pack.I crowd moved in a circle with me in it. Suddenly a tall built guy came walking slowly towards me. This'll be an easy one. We made our fighting stance and he tried to attack but I ducked. I punched him in the stomach and he groaned. I then punched his face and he fell back flat on his stomach.

" I see you are really strong. " he said and I bowed in front of him. I had to gain his trust somehow. I had to kill him with brain not power.
" that was our Beta." He said looking down at him. " was" I said in a confused look. " I alpha of the rogues change the beta. I now make Jason Drew the official beta." He said and everyone cheered. They picked me up to cheer me up. This will be more easier than I thought.

"Welcome to the Pack" Helene said.
I smiled you don't know what mistake you did alpha. " I want you to meet my most important member.
Jeannette Roy" he said and a girl walked. She had her back towards me but I just had a twist in my stomach. The girl turned and it was Jeanette Barette. Nicole's sister. Her eyes widened and so did mine. Wait did he just say the most important member.
I smiled and a plan came into my mind. She was his girlfriend. I mindlinked her and got to know that she had met him in her school. She also told me that they were not mates. I told her that I wanted to be the alpha of the pack and agreed only if she would become Luna.

I agreed........I know i was being a traitor towards my pack but hey i was never a good person.... this pack is going to be mine and I'm going to be the Alpha.

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