Chapter 37

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Scarlett POV

I woke up in the morning with a sad look on my face. I wish i could just get invisible for this weekend. That's right two days in that hell hole. Don't know if the food is good or has proper hygine. i dressed up and started to walk down towards the kitchen. I smelled the great sandwiches, brownie , pancakes, eggs and some sugar syrup's amazing smell.

it must for the travelling. Thinking about travelling i has a flash about George. I am supposed to take care of him. i don't have any idea how.

Looking around the dining hall as i saw my mom and my cook Mary. They were preparing food. I felt hand on my shoulders I spun around and saw my father and he sighed....he always knew what problem i would be thinking about. He pointed his finger towards the table.. There were head phones, my mobile, earmuffs and some chocolates. i again saw at him in a confused. He pointed towards the head phones and earmuffs.

I understood what he was talking about. He was telling me to take the earmuffs and headphones. I quickly grabbed them and gave him a flying kiss. He smiled back and mouthed
' take Care' and i smiled at him and left the house .

I saw bella and thomas . But then my vision went a little down only to see my cousin George. Their faces looked as if they were going to puke. i looked at george and sighed. he smiled at me with his crooked teeth i shook the idea of having a good day.

I've had the worst day and i have a feeling it's going to get worse .It's going to be a long ride though.......

After 2 hours of listening to that mut. He couldn't stand errect in one place he was like a bloddy.....mentally sick restarted person. I know he is my cousin but he is very annoying. He has asked me about 20 ridles and 30 jokes that i have pretended it to be funny but none of them were.

The car stopped and i rushed out of the car as if my life depended on it. But God!!!! 'Who did i dream of' that I was getting this worse day.

I stepped in a pudle of mud which had no wonder what ." EW....gross" i mumbled. " Great start Eh?" Thomas said sarcastically.

I walked forward with bella and thomas beside me. The camp was not that nasty. It looked green and it had big entrance.' Wolf Camp' written with iron and wood. It seemed a bit scary but i bet it must've been for pups and i was no wolf pup. Everyone around saw me with astonishment and some came to shake hands with me. You see, being the alpha's daughter....everyone has some amount respect for them. After all they're going to be alpha sometime.

i started to search for my luggage in the big pile of bags which were dropped in the middle of garden. Many girls and boys were pulling out their own bags and I did mine too.

I noticed my orange and black bag and started to pull it out. i pulled it out but due to the weight it fell on me and i knew i was going to hit the ground.I was ready to feel the hit But i felt arms catch my waist. I knew these arms i opened my eyes to see my prince charming's face. But I saw Kevin instead.

"What are you doing here?' was the first thing i could say. It came out a little rude but I didn't care.

"Your mother send me to take care of you" He said. Great now my ex-boyfriend is going to take care of me. perfect how worse can this situation get any worse. i humped and hit my leg on the ground. "ugh great....just great" i said threw my bag to him and ran to search my room. but i bumped on someone's shoulder and fell on the ground. God what is with me and falling. " ohhh.....look at this.Miss Alpha Goody Two Shoes" said a brunett girl with make up stuck on her face. She wore a dress tge huggee her body. He nails were the pretty pink and so was her hairband. I decided to call her bitchy barbie.

Then a muscular, fair, strong hand came into the picture. My eyes trailed to find his face and when I saw it. His face was like a Greek god. He looked amazing." You better behave Ari. Or i'll send you back " the handsome guy said. Handsome would be an understatement..........Wait a second i know This Guy. He is the guy from the bar Sebas- something.......Sebastian.

I've had the worst day until now...........

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