Chapter 39

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The camp looked stitched into hills, A cluster of houses were held by the thread of the stream. In the October sunshine ,the hills looked as soft as a quilt. A large house stood on the edge on the edge of the massive cliff. The walls of the house were made of solid stone. This kept the house cool in summer and warm in winter, so the house was always comfortable. The sun shone its clear painted windows, which opened invitingly. Below the sea crashed on the large boulders with angry might and the seagulls screeched over the rough waves. I took a deep breath to try and take all that i could.

Then a loud shout broke my thoughts and i came back to reality. Due to my high speed running skills, i ran towards our camp. I saw Bella shouting at top of her lungs. I simply ran beside her and stopped as i reached. "What is with the shout?" I asked annoyingly, i checked my ears scared if i was not deaf. "Remember the fight. Its today" She said. " I know its at 11 and according to my watch its still 8:30" I said showing her my watch. " I know what time it is. We have a lot of work to do." she said. " Such as.." i said telling her to continue. " We have to bath, brush,eat, fight, WIN" She said. " Well the first two are done. So i'll complete the rest. I said running towards the cafeteria.

Can there be a better breakfast that four flat,black brown mushrooms, their velvety gills glistening, sitting on a round of crisp, heavily buttered toast? Oyster mushroom grow in clusters, their caps soft and silky, and anything from ivory and mink to nut-brown colour. I was very particular about my morning breakfast. It had to be filled with calories and yummy at the same time. Sitting in the cafeteria having breakfast with Thomas could be called heaven in other words. He was always quit and less sarcastic in the morning. I loved that fact about him. But it was too good to last.....

I felt a hand hit my shoulder and the mushroom that was supposed to be tasted by my mouth fell on my Pj's. I 'hummp' in annoyance. " Hey watch where you're going, dork" I said to Arianna. " Whats a dork? " She asked still confused. " A dork is the dick of a whale. That means you're a big dickhead" I said earning a few laughs from people around me. She started to come near me and ready to fight but Sebastian got in between. If he wouldn't have, i would've broken her nose. " Save it for the fight" He said looking at Arianna. " And you Mr. Alpha. See you in the ring. I would hate to see that pretty little face of yours hurt." He said touching his heart and looking at me with pity.

" We'll see who looses and who wins alright." I said turning around and leaving. " How about a bet." He screamed. " You and me, If you win you get to kick my ass, but if I win I get to kiss you." He said smirking. I nodded and the bet was on. The competition started and the contestants started to play one by one. There was one who got selected from the girls and the other, from boys. I got selected from girls and Sebastian from the boys.

After 10 minutes our fight was going to take place. I was nervous a bit. But i let go of that feeling. I didn't have any scars or hurt signs on my face but i was very exhausted, I let out a deep breath.I was on the stage and so was he. He looked egoistic and patronising as ever. He announced our bet and the crowd got louder. The bell rang and the fight started. We both gave a death stare but his face softened and he gave me a flying kiss. I decided to attack, i started to punch him but he ducked. I tried again but he moved away or sideways. He wasn't attacking or hitting me back. He was just protecting himself. He wasn't this soft with other fighters. Not even Kevin. When i threw another punch, he pulled me towards him and turned me dipping me into both of his arms. when i was a distant away from the platform. He left his hands and i fell on the ground. I lost. The one who falls down, Looses.

He air fisted his hand and screamed a yes. I giggled and stood on my two feet. He turned and gripped both of his hands around me. He slowly leaned forward and kissed me softly on my lips. The kiss was elegant and delightful. He pulled away and didn't move his eyes from mine. I couldn't take it anymore, I locked my arms around his neck and pressed my lips on his. He was shocked at first but quickly responded. I pulled him close to deepen the kiss. His hands snaked from my waist to my butt and i didn't mind at all. it was as if my entire body was waiting for him to come and take away. I was not furious at all, in fact i wanted to kiss him again......

After the fight we went to corresponding houses. We ate our lunch and went to the wolf fighting programme. There were two more girls selected to fight for tomorrow's fight. I was tired and went to house after having dinner.

It seemed like a long night. From the pink and purple palette of the perished evening, a blue black night rose up around me. The robe of sunlight slipped from the shoulders of the place. The mist itself was black and unchanging and it seemed to have stifled the small sounds of the night: The owls cry, the swish of grass or crackle of the thicket at an animals passing.

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