Chapter 2(Edited)

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Jake's POV

I woke up with a huge smirk on my face. Remembering the most beautiful woman I have met in my life Nicole Barette .

The way she walks in those jeans or tiny shorts makes my heart evaporate.

Her big brown eyes as big as a planet ,whenever she gets angry or embarrassed. Her skin as soft as cotton. her hair as smooth as silk and the most important her heart so very pure. I wish to sleep with my arms wrapped around her small waist. To hold her for the rest of my life and never let go ,even if I find my mate or she finds her's. Then I realised that I was dreaming about my GF. 'Ohh but she is so hot and beautiful..' I thought myself.

"Get your ass down here this instant..." My mother cum luna screamed. "Jake Dominian Salvatore!"

'Woah full name something is definitely wrong' I thought.

I dressed up and wore a simple black shirt with loose blue jeans . I came down running and met an aunt fuming with anger. 'Oops I forgot to pick my aunt from airport' I thought with no sign of guilt.

"You better have an explanation for not picking me at the airport. " my aunt said being as loud as Broadway musical, that irritated me a bit.

"Even if I do have an explanation..I would like to keep it to myself " I screamed in my future alpha tone. Her face was dumbfounded. That was a sight to see. I was about to become the future alpha of the Waterwave pack. no one talks or rather screams at the alpha, no one not even his mate. An alpha can and will never have it's pride not respected. our pack wasn't the largest but it was able to protect itself from others. I was every bit of proud of my pack. it was only one week and i would turn 18 and would be the official Alpha of the Waterwave pack.

I left the house after having my breakfast with my motorbike keys in my hand, i started my Precious and cut the air driving with full speed. Due to my wolf power i could hear every car or bike coming from every direction. I parked my Precious and wore my brown leather jacket slowly with attitude I was early, Nicki had not yet arrived.I sighed but something made me happy again, there I saw Jason Harrison with books in his hand and spectacles on his nose. His satchel on his other shoulder. He dropped one of his thick book. God he is so clumsy.... I thought to myself.

I went towards him and tossed his books, they fell on ground. "Hey..jaisey Daisey..!!!!how are you this morning..?" I said loudly with a smirk on my face. Earning a few giggles from people around. He didn't reply and that made my wolf angry as hell. He looked down when a slow groan escaped my chest.

"Answer me..!! Omega .I am your Alpha.....Don't you dare disrespect me!" i said With pure anger.

"You are not ...yet the..." He said mumbling with fear.

" What's That..!!?" I shouted at him.

"The alpha..?" He said in a low voice, it sounded more like a question.

I caught him by his collar, though he was the same height. he stared trembling. "How dare you..filthy Weak  omega !!" Shouting and shaking him vigorously.

"" He tried to say when I held him by his neck pushing him against the wall. My hand on his neck. he was trying to loosen my hold but it was useless. I was way too strong. I loosened the grip and he fell on the floor gasping for air.

I left him alone when I inhaled the most amazing scent .

She was parking her car and got out with her best friend Natalie and her little sister Jeanette . Jeanette looked a lot like Nicole but i mostly ignored her presence. Jean was currently in boarding school for some shitty stunt she did when she was 10. Nicole on the other hand was a complete angel and a wild cat. she was a straight A student and her teachers loved her. She represented our school several  time and won most of the time. I looked at her ,she looked so intoxicating with the pink crop top and dark shorts. Her lavender perfume so sweet and lovely. She was giggling at something Natalie said. The boys were staring at her and I didn't like it.

A low growl left my chest and I decided to change the scenario ASAP. i walked towards her and wrapped my arms around her waist fiercely from the back. 

She was Mine and only Mine...


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