chapter 12

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Nicole's POV

Jake dragged me out of the ball. I knew I was in deep trouble. He was breathing heavily. I wriggled out of his hold but he didn't even budge.

He slammed me against the wall nearby .I might have heard my bones click and some might have broken.

He trapped me within his hands. I had no way to escape ,I began to sob.

" I told you not to make me angry...but you just had to ...." He said controlling his wolf from coming out. I was very scared. He started kissing me ,I tried to move and hit his shoulder , he growled and I stayed quiet. He kissed my jawline and earlobe. His caninies dug deep into my shoulder. The pain made my knees weak and scremt loudly twice . He marked me and I couldn't even stop him.

Then darkness took over me.

In the morning

I woke up slowly and carefully not waking Jake up. I couldn't remember what happened last night.

I got up and caught a glimpse of myself at the full length mirror. Seeing the black spot at my neck made my eyes pop out. There was a moon and waves which resembled the Waterwave pack's symbol.

I felt a little squeeze on my left shoulder and felt Jake leaving kisses on my neck. " it looks so beautiful on you baby..." He said. It was not even close to beautiful. It was dark and gloomy. " this event is going to take place after every 2 have absolutely no say in this. Got it." He said in his alpha voice.

I nodded. " I don't want you to nod speak up...' Luna' " he said.
"Y-yes " I said almost on the verge to cry. But if I did that would be a sign of weakness. I changed still exhausted. I ate my breakfast. Jake held my hand in his. We had training session today with the Red Moon pack. I was exhausted and tired and weak. Jake didn't even notice. Just kept his hand on my waist.
At the training hall*

We reached. I was wearing a black top and tight pink tights. Jake wore a black shirt and loose blue pj. He looked scary as hell. Even if the girls were staring at him I didn't mind.

I felt someone's eyes on me and looked up and saw, my mate looking handsome in his sleeveless v shaped shirt. His pj's were loose but he looked so good. I wanted to hug him and kiss his pink lips as if it was the end of the world. He looked so dashing. I was getting addicted to his drug.

"Let's start the training by squats. Do squats for 45 min. Don't stop." He said in a stern voice. The mark made weak but I tried to hide it with my jacket and hood. We continued with kicks, punches on bags, push ups etc for 2 hours. I was the strongest amongst all she wolves in the pack but alpha's were really strong. I remember the first time Jake slapped me I tried so hard for breaking out of his hold. But he didn't even budge.He was obviously very strong.

I was going to collapse but looking at him made me stronger. The training was hard and pretty intense. We then began with the fights. I had fight guess who.....SELENA....

I was damn happy and fighting with her made my wolf angry.
We shaked hands and the fight started

She threw a punch but missed it. I took that time to punch her jaw hard.
I smirked and punched her stomach. He winced in pain. I looked at jase.
.....really jase now you have a nickname...!!!.

My wolf said sarcastically but I ignored her. Selena got up on her legs and punched my stomach. I didn't even realise and thought of ending this fight. I jumped up with my hind legs and punched her hard on her face. She dropped on the floor and one of the guy came running towards her...I think Glen was his name.

He picked her up while Zach just bursted out laughing. " God you're even stronger than I thought. Way to go girl..." Stacey said with joy.

" Remind me never to get on your bad side ninja.." He said still laughing.
" Hey!.. I don't like that Nickname.. " I said frowning. " look so adorable when you're angry. He is a lucky guy. " he said. I knew what he meant and I simply blushed.

I felt jake's presence behind me and I turned to face him. " we need to be at the attack scene. Alpha Jason wants to analyse the threat were about to face." He said indirectly telling me to come with him ,I simply nodded.

" ohh.....were also going there. Come you could show us around. " Stacey said. I looked at Jake for permission.
He nodded. " be there" he said left the place. We started walking. Zach, Stacey and me. We went to the wishing well and they wished to meet their mates soon ,whereas I wished for my mate and me to be in his arms. I didn't admit that to them. We went to the pack hall, lake place, lake house etc.

We finally arrived at the attack scene.It was miles away from ours. It didn't harm us. The veiw was devastating.

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