chapter 17

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We gathered at the pack house by 8:00pm. I called 20 people to come to Waterwave pack house. Including Alpha Micheal O'Connor.

Jake healed and we decided to have funeral for those two tommorrow.
It was 9:00 pm everyone from Waterwave pack and Red Moon pack gathered at the pack house.

I and Jake entered with our beta's.
Jake started. " Some of you may have heard these rumors that our pack's Luna is missing. Well its true. She is kidnapped by a rogue.we need you to do your best for saving her." He finished. " First of all, Nicole Barette is my mate and for that proof I have called her best friend, Natalie. She was the last person she talked to before Jake forced her to sit in his car." I said. There were a few 'What' by a few people from the audience.

I glared at them and they shut their mouth. Natalie came forward.
" Everything he said is true. She called
Me and I heard her calling out his name." She said. I dismissed the meeting by 10.

I reached my room with rest of members walking behind me.
I knew Alpha Micheal must have reached by this hour. As I entered all my pack members were in the living room. " tell me everything about ' Brady O'Connor' now " I saidin my alpha tone. He was a bit shocked at first but nodded.

"H-he is my Son" he said with guilt in his eyes. I nodded for him to continue. " our grandfathers were the one who used to decide the Alpha. My son was in reign to become one. But my Father refused him from being so. He said that he was voilent and didn't deserve the post. But Brady he wanted to become Alpha so bad that he decided to get that post by force. By killing the current Alpha he would become the alpha.he tried to kill me but I saved myself. He succeeded killing his grandfather and ran as I ordered him to be held in crime. I remember my grandfather's last words...' Choose a smart, strong but a kind hearted wolf to be the alpha.' Brady tried to attack the pack but I somehow managed to keep him away. When I met you the first day I knew you were everything my grandfather mentioned but I waited for you to get physically strong.When the moment came I announced you as Alpha." He said. I needed sometime to process that kind of information.

I simply walked out after saying good night. I needed time to think whether to kill the person who dared to hurt my mate and the pack. Or to let him live because he was Alpha Micheal's son. This was very irritating. I knew my mate was hurt . I felt her being hurt. But I will save her no matter who is against it. I will kill him/her.

Nicole's POV

I was in a house. It was cold and breezy. It felt like a breeze before any upcoming apocalypse. I opened the front door. It made squeaky noise which was slightly annoying. I gulped and started to move on. There was a yard or what was left of the yard. The grass was brown and dry. There were bones here and there. The trees were dry and had no leaves on it. I walked on the path between the yard. I made clinging sound as I walked over the pavement. I was on the lonly road now. " Anyone home...anyone..hello" I said but no reply came back. I heard a horn and turned around. Two lights were coming my way with fast speed. It was a...truck? TRUCK ....!! I wanted to get out of the road but my legs wouldn't move. The truck came near me and the horn was breadth was increasing. "Aaaa stop..." Was all I could say before.

I woke up screaming and smiled. It was a dream..!!! I looked around, this place was creepy as hell. It was dark black and red walls. I was chained to one of the walls. I was in my previous shorts. But it was with a little blood. I think it was mine. The door opened and a tall guy walked in.

"Hello there sweetheart." The creepy guy said. For a second there I thought it was Jake. "What am I doing here?" I asked out of curiosity. "Well....honestly speaking you are my hostage. I am going to use you to be the worlds biggest and strongest alpha." He said proudly. " And how do you think that's going to happen? Genius." I said sarcastically. "

"You see..your boyfriends love you. I know your boyfriends would do anything for you. Even give away their pack." He said and I thought. Jake no chance but jason might give a thought to it. "Let's make a tape Shall we ..." He said handing his heart towards me. " no fucking way...." I said. " watch your mouth don't want me to punish you?!" He said in a angry way. "N-No." I said in confusion.

"And action"someone said.
My hands were tied and so was my mouth. A guy with his face covered. I bet it was that creepy guy. I didn't knew what was going on. A guy with his face covered in black came with a knife. " Hello Alpha's...I bet you're together right now. For the same reason of course. I want your pack and you want your little toy back. I must say fiesty one." He began and I frowned. He came near me and removed my duct tape from my mouth I was about to say something but he held my mouth. I bit his palm." Don't give your pack. I swear I 'll kill you if you give your pack-" I was cut by Brady's slap. That hurt. "Shut up .....Bitch" he said and put duct tape over my mouth.

He dragged me to a dark room and darkness took over me.

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