chapter 7

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*???.!*  POV

" sir he is coming near to the attack. Should we continue with the plan." Timmy said.
"Of course idiot I want the Alpha dead at any cost. And if he lives then Felix will be dead" I said in my alpha tone.
He shivered and informed everyone. Our pack was not as big as the Red Moon's pack but it was strong enough to hurt their strong pawns. I smirked and laughed for the upcoming Armageddon....!!.

I left for the war place and so did the alpha. I recognised him immediately with him being in front but he looked completely oblivious, he didn't even know who I was. But his members did and they had shock written on their faces.  

" Greetings Alpha Jason, I hope your journey was enjoyable because it soon will come to halt. Stacy, Zach, Glen, Myron ,Damon,and my favorite sexy........ Selena Bonaparte. Ohh....your still as sexy as hell." She growled and my smirk widened. Selena was always the Alpha's bitch. She used to be my girlfriend before I was banished by my stupid Father. My pack was Known as The Rogue Pack. 

"Well, you're NO fun....all talk and no action. You must be a loser to be a Rogue." Jason said smirking.

My smirk got replaced with a frown and I growled. But I heard more growls from their side and the growls were increasing ,I called Diana,the packs witch. Although she wasn't that strong, she could transport us from one place to another.We had captured her mate and were forcing her to use her magic. She came with wolf speed and used her magic to make us teleport to another place. 

We'll get them next time I swear.......... they will be the one to run.

I will find that alpha's soft spot and use it against him.

Jason POV

They disappeared in air just like in a magic show.they had witches in their pack.....Bloody Hell. We were happy to know that they ran.
But Troy, my impatient wolf, began asking me questions. Who was he? Why does everyone else knows him and not us? What does he have that made him vanish into thin air ? How did he know my position or my name even?

'Meeting.....Pack House' i said through mind link.

( to be continued)

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