chapter 28

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Nicole's POV

We ate lunch and I could feel everyone's eyes on me. They were wondering what was I upto. I just smiled at Selena and others .Selena knew the plan.......Glen better watch out Luna coming after you.

We went straight to the backyard. We hid ourselves behind the wall. I mindlinked zac to walk with Glen and boys. I also told him to come near the backyard.....and action I mouthed to Selena. " you slutty bitch" I said loudly for them to gain attention. But it wasn't loud enough. So I thought to start again. I pushed her out from the wall. She fell on the ground and screemed. She was pretty good at this.
" you freaking bitch. How dare you even compare yourself to me you pest. You know what I am going to do them a favour. I am going to kill you right now. Right here" I said taking out my poisonous gun.

Glen lost control of his mind after I said that.
I was almost going to pull tge trigger but He jumped in front to save her.
" what the hell.i thought you hated her too" I said. " hate her I fucking love her." He said confident and proud." I might have realised that now. When my mate was in danger. Ohh...Selena you Kay.." He said hugging her. I lowered my gun and looked at them staring at their love. They looked so cute. " she is my mate and she belongs to me. You wanna hurt somebody hurt me. For being so stupid and stubborn. I love you Selena. " he said and hugged her" I love you too Glen." She said. " And cut. Great shot guys really inspirational " I said like I was a film director. His face turned into a big question mark. " what do you mean?!" He said. " well this..." I was about to continue but Selena cut me." This was an act for me to know that you still love me." She said.

" well I have been deciding this for a long time. Selena will you go on a date with me. " he said scratching the back of his neck." Yes....yes" she said jumping up and down.

The boys left after we went for dressing Selena for her first date with her mate. We started to pick out shoes, dresses, earnings, bracelets, make up etc. It took us almost an hour to rub off the dirt and shine the jewl inside her. She looked surprisingly gorgeous. We walked her to the door and wished our luck. They drove out in a limo. Glen seemed a little nervous but excited as well.

We decided to stay home and watch some movie. Boys went out to start the playlist while we girls started to make food. We were gathering some food from the fridge. Cheetos, drinks, beer, popcorn etc. " hey don't make it sweet fruity....make it cheesy and full of spicy flavours. " I said. " well I thought that sis died in you. Now you were only sweet and calm types." Stacey said teasing me. I hit her arm.
" hey I'm not going to change myself so that the other person should like me.....don't worry babes I'm still wild" I said winking at her. I suddenly felt warm hands from behind and found Jason behind me.

" I would love you no matter how much you change." He said. " even if I become 60 kilos and wear loose clothes." I said smirking. " even then. Babes you'll still look gorgeous. " he said and I blushed."aww.....are you blushing" Linda said. And I hid my face in Jason's chest. I was red as a tomato......

We came out in the living room and saw what the boys decided. They choose the movie ' conjuring ' . reading that name sent shiver down my spine. " But its scary movie." I said
"Don't worry babes you can hold onto me. I won't let anything happen to you." He said and smirked. I bet he did this on purpose. The movie started and I wraped my arms around him. I felt safe but not that much.

The movie had a part where it was quite the second and the other there was a girl popping in front of the camera. We all girls screamed and stood up getting the remote out if Zach's hand. We switched off the TV .
" we are never watching it again" I commanded and the girls nodded.
That was really scary." Okay girls what do you wanna see." Jason said consoling us. We liked at each other and shouted 'twilight' and the boys grunted. "Anything but that gay movie." He said. "It is an awesome movie mister. Don't make me hurt you." Stacey said scaring Zach.

"Okay then how about gossip girl." I said. " the twilight is much better. " Jason said finally giving up. I laughed and played the movie. It was the part where they were getting married.
Bella was waking down the isle.
The door bursted open with a happy Selena drainged with water.

We didn't realise it was raining. Then Glen came running behind her. He walked towards us and showed us her hand. I thought she was hurt and others thought the same. We looked at her hand and there it was a heart shaped ring with a white diamond.

"I' m getting married." She shouted and jumped at the same time and we all did the same.

...Finally the bitch was getting married.

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