chapter 16

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Nicole's POV.

I woke up do to that sound or scream of Selena. I heard their conversation. My mate cares for me. I was so happy to be cared and protected by the worlds most handsomest guy.

I decided to call my best friend.
(Bold - Nicole.... Italic- best friend / twins mom.)

Hiii Natalie ......

'Woah someone's really happy..

I found my mate....Aaa

Wait isn't Jake your mate...?!

Of course not..

Then how are you the Luna...i'm really really confused.

He kinda forced me to had to ..!!?

Wait What...He forced you...tell me everything.... Right now.

Before I could answer...someone snatched my phone. " Hey...what the...?!" I said irritated but found myself facing Jake..!!

" J-jake" I said sttutering.

"Hey sweetheart... How are you this morning...good ?" He said and I nodded. He grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to him. " cause you are in deep shit for telling Natalie. "
He said and I knew he was serious.

He grabbed my handbag and dragged me towards the car. I scremt Jason's name but he shut my mouth." Don't " he said. And I obliged. He started to drive with full speed. He had two other members of our pack. In the back seat who bowed their head. I was very angry . my phone buzzed and it was Jason...I bet he was worried. I picked it up. " help jase...Jake he-" before I could complete. Jake snatched my phone.

" hello there jasie daisy...!" Jake said sarcastically. " What the hell are you doing with Nicole..jaky." Jason replied. I could hear due to werewolf senses. " ohh...don't worry..I'll take good care of her." He said caressing my cheek. I bit his finger and he screamed. "Shit..ow..bitch." He said slapping me hard on my cheek.

I winced in pain. But that was not the only pain. Jason cursed some word to Jake and he hung up the cell. " Someone needs to learn a lesson" he said. I knew what he meant.

After 10 min..he started the radio.

Taylor Swift was screaming ...shake it off and I was terribly missing Jason.

It was not even a minute I heard beeping sound at the back of the car. Everyone heard that. Suddenly our back jumped into air and fell on the road with a loud thud sound.

I thought I would die and honestly I was a little happy to get away from Jake but a little sad to be away from Jason. My eyes saw three men walking towards the car and my eyes...shut and everything was black.

As I entered the darkness my body was numb as it ever could be....

Jason's POV

I am going to kill that bastard. After having that conversation on Nicole's cell. I am going to kill him. I tried calling him but he didn't pick up his phone I kept zac and Stace in charge of kids and left.

I saw smoke and I increased my car speed. There was a car upside down. It was Jake's. That idiot doesn't even know how to drive. I pushed the car and found two members dead at the back. Jake was on the verge to die.

I looked up but Nicole missing. I found a note that said.

Hello there, Jason the Alpha

I kidnapped your mate. 'I ' you must be wondering who has the guts to. I'll tell you...I am Brady O'Connor. Ask your alpha I bet he would be able to answer. I must say you have a sexy mate. She can be used in many ways. You have to wait. I'll send you a tape soon....

Alpha of the Rogues

I picked up Jake and put him at the back of my car. I mind linked everyone in the pack including alpha Micheal O'Connor. Their name matched. Did he have any connections to alpha Micheal...? I wondered. I was trying to control my anger. I didn't care who he was. I want my mate.

I commanded Stace to be at the pack house ASAP. When she asked me if there was a problem. I answered.

Your Luna is kidnapped.....

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