chapter 24

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Jeanette's pic( thinking of marriage)>>>>>

Jason POV

Rest of the day was a blur. I didn't think about anything but Nicole .
I couldn't stop thinking about her dress, hair, I had to stop. I couldn't lose the bet. I had to make sure that she would come to me. I had to break her ego. Only I could and would be able to control her.

I went home after the fourth lecture.
I went to her house and packed Jean 's luggage. I had to push her. I called up Jean to come straight to the pack house. I shifted her room. Nicole offten comes to the pack house. I had to show that I could ignore her I want. She was going to meet that mut Chase in the pack house as he lived there.
Jean arrived and changed in my transparent long shirt and small shorts. I changed in my pj. I messed the room and made it look like we get the idea.

At 5'o clock.*

Nicole's POV

Jason could ignore me. He was staring at me the entire time. I confirmed our meeting at 5. I was almost reaching the pack house when I saw Jean's moterbike in the front. I parked my arrogant(car) in front. I walked towards the fountain situated in middle. I knocked at the front door. Glen opened the door. I smiled at him and so did he. He seemed a little off. Sad and depressed kind of thing.
"You Kay...." I asked him and he nodded and left. Selena came out and they both looked at each other. He walked away before she could say something. After he left, Selena gave me awkward smile and walked away.
I was confused as hell.

I ignored them and walked ahead."anyone home....hello chas-"I was about to continue but Jean came out with a coffee mug. She was wearing a transparent shirt. I knew from the scent it was Jason's. The shirts so small that it would make no difference if she removed it. He hair frizze like someone had given her a good one. I looked around and saw Jason on the phone. He wore no shirt but simply his pj. He looked so intoxicating. I gasped. They had s** .

I walked out. There he was Chase. I took his hand and we ran to the backyard. We started to talk about the project. I felt water. Jason held the pipe high and Chase was wet. Drainged with cold water. He looked at Jason and took out his shirt. I gasped. He had a nice body but nothing compared to jase.

I laughed and he joined in. Jason was so confused. I laughed some more.
we completed the project.

In the evening*

Jason's POV

I couldn't understand why was she laughing? Why were they laughing? Did they think I was jealous? Childish? Ugh she is so confusing....
This is it I can't wait any longer she is mine and only Mine.

Then an idea struck me. I went downstairs and Jean was standing there. " Jean.. " I said and she turned.
"Will you marry me?....." I was about to continue. But she inturupted me.
" yes I'll be your Luna .....y-" she said but I interrupted. " only as an act. You see Nicole is my mate and to break her ego. We can" I said. " ohh.....yeah right of course." She said a little disappointed. "Hey there is a guy out there who is waiting for you. You Mate. You will find him. There will be happily ever after. Kay?!" I said encouraging her. She looked a lot like Nicole . but didn't have the spark like her. Only she had that spark that attracted people around.

I walked to Glen and zac. "I'm getting married tommorrow to Jennette. She is going to be your Luna. Spread the word." I said in authoritative tone and they nodded.

She is going to be shocked.......I thought and smirked.

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