chapter 32

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Scarlett Harrison's pic>>>>

Nicole's POV

It's been 17 years. I am married to the most sexiest mate in the entire world. The moon goddess blessed us with an angel like daughter who is a bit naughty but beautiful. We named her Scarlett. She is 5'2 and skinny. Maybe too skinny god knows girls these days do so much for their figure. But I don't worry much about her because she is just like her father...Flawless. she is a fighter and also keeps boys around her fingertips. She is 16 and Mateless.
She is still in college but wins every match with Tommy. He is 2 years older than her. But Bella and her are BFF. They go to the same college.
I felt a warm hand slid on my waist breaking me from my thoughts. I smelled and it was Jason. He didn't even look a bit old. Neither did I of course but I might have gotten a little fat due pregnancy. But i'm still trying to get my figure back.

" You're already sexy as hell....babes you don't need to worry about your figure." He said. Every mate can hear the other ones thought after the mating process is complete. I smiled.
" I know babes..." I said looking down.
" Hey.... You're perfect." He said holding my chin up. I smiled and he leaned in to kiss me. His lips near but not yet touching mine. He was teasing me. I hit him on the shoulder and he smiled and leaned in closer. I kept my hands on his shoulder pulling him closer. He asked permission to enter my mouth but I didn't allow it. I pressed my hips and I gasped. He took that moment to enter my mouth. I pulled back and his face dropped like a kid who got know that Santa doesn't exist. I smiled. " I have work to do." I said and turned around to look at my dessert. But he didn't give up yet. He moved my hair to one side and kissed my neck. I moaned and he placed his hands on my stomach.

The door opened and a panting scarlette came in. She had gone for a jog. She was out for an hour.
She looked up and smiled at us.
" Now Now aren't the two love birds awake." She said and we smiled.
"I want to talk to you , Young lady about yesterday." Jase said.
" OK...fine. Yesterday my boyfriend asked me to shift in his house when I refused. He started to shout and I got irritated and told him that we should have a break up. He got furious and trapped me hard on the wall beside.....I asked him to stop but he didn't. He said that I was his.
I lost it and punched him hard on his face. He fell down. He got up and pushed me from behind. I shook him and punch left right on his stomach, he was bleeding so I got him in nurses room. I can't believe he is a Jock.
He must be very weak." She said.
We looked at each other." So you hit him because he said that you were his" I said confused. " Mom...I am not a property that anyone can just own. I am a person not a thing plus dad told me to select a beta and he is definitely not on the list. No one can tell me what to do....except you guys." She said. "Way to go...thats my girl." Jase said and they both hugged.

" First of all, Peta was a nice guy. Hurting him for something he said is not lady like at all. Second of all, as Luna of the pack you must have more patience but as a mother good work." I said hugging her and jase. Ohh we were the happiest and the weirdest family. I smiled and jase wrapped his arms around us girls.

"OK enough of this drama. Eat your breakfast." I said. We all sat at the
table. I had made bacon, scrambled egg, omletts and pancakes. " we have a meeting at 4" jase said. Scar just nodded. We stood up after having breakfast and went to our daily work. Scar got dressed for college and left after saying good bye. Jase did the same just a few more kisses.

But it was too good to last.....

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