chapter 20

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Jason POV

I received a letter. It smealt like blood it was pretty nasty. It was stamped. It was a red had two snakes and a hyena in between.

It said that " The Alpha of this kidnapped mate to arrive at this 6. Alpha of the rogues. "

We were all some miles away from our border. I had more than 50 wolves around me. I was called alone but couldn't risk it. Her getting hurt.
I walked towards the door. I knocked at the front door twice. It opened slowly. "What are you doing here?" The person who opened the door said."Well hello to you too" I said irritated ."you were supposed to come at 6'pm'.???" He said with a frown and nervousness. I made an O face. " it was not mentioned. Why are you sweating ? I am just here to pick up my mate that's all. Strictly business. " I lied. The beta came down with my mate in both of his hands. He was unconscious...!! I went near her but 10 wolves came in front of us. I growled. They flinced.

I sat on the sofa."What do you Want?" I asked in my alpha tone. The beta sat in front of me and woke up Nicole. She tried to open her eyes but closed them due to light. She again opened them and looked around. She saw me and her eyes widened. I smiled and nodded at her.

"We want the pack." He said." Or we'll kill her. " he said "I don't think that's going to happen. I'm not giving you my pack." I said and his face got confused.

The walls of the house fell and they got surrounded by hundreds of wolves. There were growls everywhere. Alpha Micheal, Alpha Tammy, Alpha Daxton, Alpha Stefan,Alpha Klaus and the greatest Alpha Jason.

I turned in my wolf form. It was time to kill. My wolf howled and so did the others. This is for hurting her...

I barked giving them signal to attack. They barked commanding their packs to attack. The wolves began to attack like their life depended on it.

I ripped the alpha into two killing him instantly. I smirked. Within 20 min all the rogues were dead. My mate was awake a little. Someone was about to stab me from behind.but he was stopped by Glen. I glanced a look at them and some rogue behind my mate stabbed my mate in her stomach. They used him as distraction. I stood up and killed all of them. I picked up my mate and ran back to the pack house. I kept her in my room. She was breathing slowly.
I turned white. The doctor came rushing in. " You should go out. Because what I'm going to do to her...your wolf will kill me." He said. I knew I would so I left. I couldn't hear her breath for a while. But it was fading.

After an hour*

The door opened and doctor came out. I got up and ran towards him. "She- She is hurt badly....the knife was poisonous. The poison took over her head. She is in coma." He said.

My life stopped when I heard she was dead. My heart bumped faster by any minute. Any moment and it was going to come out. I heard a woman scream and come running towards mate I growled but was held by a man. "I'm her father..." He said. I recognized them after a while. "That'" She said with sobs in between.

He held her by her shoulders. They sat in front of the room. I could feel their fear and mine too. I couldn't lose her. I love her. I realised what I confessed and nodded. I was falling for mate. I love my mate. I couldn't let her go. Her childishness, hotness, smile which made my whole day bright. Her eyes so bold and mysterious. Her walk which dropped my jaw open. Her hair black and brown, soft as silk.

It was 8 and I still sat there on the seat looking at mate unconscious. I stood up and walked in the room. I looked at her, she looked so beautiful as an angel. I walked closer. I bent myself and kissed her forehead. I sat down on the stool beside her bed. I held her hand and kissed it. "Please come back angel....please don't leave me. I'll not be able to live. I'll listen to everything you say. I'll protect you and keep you closer to me. Come back" I said controlling my sorrow.

I kissed her forehead. I was about to leave. I felt someone press my palm slightly. I was beyond shocked. I looked back at her. She moved her head. "Doctor... Doctor" I screamed with joy. "Hi" she mouthed and my smile widened.

The door brust open with the doctor in front. " I don't believe it. Unbelievable." He said checking her chest. "She's fine but very fragile. Good job. Take care." He said shaking my hand." Thanks doc, I will." I said.

And if anyone ....anyone at all comes in between. I will personally tear them to shreds.

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