Chapter 35

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Bella's pov

I was dancing with this cute guy. he said his name was Charlie and i lied that my name was Darcy. I never told stranger guys my real name and scar did the same.But he looked sexy and hot. but i suddenly got a call from my aunt Nicole. i picked up and she attacked me with all kind of questions about scarlett. i told her everything was fine she was fine in a club. i looked around and spotted scar with a cute sexy guy. But then aunt told me the absurd thing possible. she told me that scar's life was in danger. Someone was going to kidnap her and hurt her. My heart skipped a beat. i stopped dancing and looked at the bar but she wasn't there. i began running everywhere. Then i saw her in the balcony some guy was picking her up and was going to kidnap her.

i ran towards them and grabbed an iron rod. with all the strength i had in me i hit his head. he fell down dropping scar with him. i quickly picked scar up and started running towards my car. i put her in the back seat. i stepped on acceleration. it was the most fastest speed i had ever driven with. i reach the pack house in 20 minutes instead of an hour. the lights were switched on and i knew i was going to get a long lecture and get grounded.i open the front door and my father, mom, beta, Alpha,Luna, Brother were awake. my brother helped me to carry her and put scar in her bedroom. my mom and aunt went with him. my father and alpha were stairing at me as if i looted the bank. and i dont blame them i mean she was going to be the future alpha.

but i decided to began with apologising. "I'm Sorry" i said looking down. " Sorry is that all you have to say. you just risked your cousins life. are you insane. " my father snapped at my words. Alpha put a hand on his shoulder and he sighed. but he looked at me again " You are grounded. If you put one step out of line and i will not let you got the 'Teen Roaring Wolf Program' So you better behave" He said. Teen Roaring Wolf program was a camp. our families have been going to this camp since forever.Every year i, Thomas and scar go to this place and enjoy as hell. but this time i am pretty unsure whether she will be coming with us. Aunt Nicole gets really possessive over scar.

Sebastian's POV

i felt water droplets being sprinkled on my face and i woke up. My eyes still getting adjusted the light from surrounding. i got fragments of what had taken place this night. The girl i saw. The girl. What was her name? She said.....Julia. I woke up and found Stephan my beta, Charlie, Styles and Ariana my ex-girlfriend. Ari tried to comfort me but i got up and ordered stephan to search Julia.

After Two hours, he got a list of all the Julia's present in the town. i saw all the pictures but none matched the beautiful face i saw four hours ago. It was past midnight. Everyone else went to sleep but me nah i was wide awake looking for my girl. I dont know but we sort of connected back in the pub. It was an amazing feeling and i felt of never letting go. i was 17 years old and am going to be 18 next month. Then it clicked my stupid head. there must be camars in that pub. i called the manager of the club and asked him to send footages of the club of the night.

He send it without any questions asked. i was the future alpha i had the right to. i looked through the footage after looking over it for about an hour i found her image. ohh...she looked so good.i paused and took a screenshot of her face. i looked over the clock and yawned. i let sleep take over me.i closed my eyes just to see her face in front of my eyes. She was addictive and mine.

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