Sneakpeak: The Badboy Wants Me

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Here I am, in the canteen of my school. I look around me, this is the last time I am here...

"Martina?" Mechi asks


"You okay?"

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine... Okay no I feel horrible."

"Listening Tini, we'll see each other with cristmas again." Cande said with a voice which calmed me down a bit "But I'll miss you a lot!"

"I'll miss you guys more!" I said at the edge of crying

"Tini, don't cry! You deserve to go there!" Mechi said

"Yeah, you did it! You can follow your dream!" Cande said

"I know, but..."

"But what?"


"No tell us!" Mechi said

"I'm just afraid..."

"For what?" Cande asks

"Well these people here didn't bully me anymore, because I had you... And there I don't have you. What if they will bully me again?"

"They won't, because you are beautiful! Just the way you are!" Cande said

"I don't understand why I am crying right now, I'm sorry"

"You don't have too be this is a lot! But you can follow your dreams! And if there is one thing I have learned of you, than is it too always follow your dreams..." Cande said

"You'll make more friends and maybe there are some cute boys! Text us everyday! Okay?" Mechi said as I laughed and dried my tears

"Okay." I said smiling too them "I will"

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