Chapter 28

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Tini's POV

I woke up, on something else than my pillow... I look up and see Jorge.

"Morning sleepy head" He said

"Morning" I replied clowling deeper under my blanket

"Slept well?"

"Accually... Yes" I said

"Great" He said. Than we heard a knock on the door

"Do you want to open it?" I ask with puppy eyes

"Why me? It's your room!"

"Pleaaaase" I ask

"Nooo" He said when the door opens

"Hi Tinita, wanna hang out?" Rugge came in and closed the door with his keys in his hand, well... My keys, I gave them to him so he could come in without knocking, than he watched me and got a weird look in his eyes "Jorge?" He asks when I moved away from Jorge

"Rugge..." Jorge said with a pale face

"You also just could have told me that you were together!" Rugge said between his teeth

"Listening Ruggero we are not together!" Jorge said standing up

"Ohh so that was the reason why you told my that she doesn't love me? You wanted her for yourself!" Rugge said well the last part he almost shouts

"No Ruggero, you don't understand it!" Jorge said with a sad face

"I do understand it 'friend' " Rugge said making airquotes around the word friend and walking mad away

"I need to follow him" Jorge said walking away

There I stood lonely, I took my phone... 67 messages! 1 from Fran, 4 from Ruggero and 62 from Mechi, crazy girl. First I opened the message from Fran he asks how I am and how I feel

_The truth? I feel horrible! We will call later...

I replied, than I went to Ruggero's... He asks me to hang out and that four times, I didn't replied and went to Mechi's, in all her messages was standing my name, have to be something important...

_What's wrong?

_Finnaly! There you are!

_What happend?

_The news in Argentina! Angela said to everyone that you broke the contract with her and that you aren't a singer anymore what happend?

_HOW COULD SHE?! I NEVER DID THAT!!! I need a new identity card, I can't go out of this country

_Wow that's weird can't I do something for you?

_You can try to make a new identity card for me :/

_I can, but I need a new passport photo of you

_I can make one here in Guadalajara and send it to you?

_We can try

_Thank you so much Mechi you're the best!

_I know

I laugh because of her anwser, a knock on the door again... I open it


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