Chapter 19

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Jorge's POV

After taking a shower and dressing myself I came into the kitchen, it smells great!

"Hii" Tini said smiling

"Smells good" I says

"Thanks" She says while taking the pan of the fire, that looks so attractive... Oh God what's happening to me?!

"No, thank you" I say smiling

"What do you mean?"

"You just helped me, thanks" I said staring at her while she was putting the spaghetti in a bord...

"No problem, you're welcome" She said giving me the bord and a wink

I smile, we stare in each others eyes

"But I got to go now" She said looking away and heeding to the door

"Okay fine..." We just stand there for a couple of seconds

"Well... Bye..." She said moving a bit

"Bye" I said slowly rising my hand and waving

She smiled and walked away

I feel confused, nothing happend, but something happend? I'm confused.
I think I'm starting too like her, but how?

Tini's POV

There was something... Well... There was nothing, but I felt something... And he did the same... How? How is this possible? Nothing happend, but it just came! In my thoughs I bumped into someone... All his or her papers fell on the grond, I immeditly got down to take the papers of the floor, he or she did the same, I still didn't look at that person, how can I be so stupid!

"Oh sorry!" I said

"It's okay" An unknown voice said, it's a boy!

I took the last paper and 'he' did the same, I look up and he did it too... I look in two beautiful eyes...

"Hi" He said

"Hi" I said

"Err... I... We..."

"No it's, it's okay"

We both stand up and stare at each other

"Err... I'm David" The handsome boy said, what he is handsome!


"Beautiful name"


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