Chapter 15

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Jorge's POV

They didn't move, they just stood there frozen

"You know each other?" I asked

"Well... Err... Yeah... From the... Err... meet and greet..." Rugge said

"You just said that you two didn't saw each other in ages!" I said

"Listening Jorge..." Martina said calmly "Rugge and I are friends since toddler school... He first lived in Argentina, but later moved too Mexico, after some months I became a star and my manager Angela said that my fans didn't may know that me and Ruggero are friends, cuz than my fans will hate me... That is what Angela said, so we both needed to act like we didn't know each other..." She said

"Okey..." I said kinda confused... "But Ruggero you could tell me..."

"I know, but I couldn't took the risk, I'm sorry man..."

"It's okey, your secret is save here"

"Thanks" They said both

"Joooorge are you comming?" I hear mom yelling

"Comming" I yelled back and smiled at Martina and Ruggero...

"Well... Bye!" I said

"Bye" They said and I leave them alone


"So what do you think?" Mom said

"Wow mom! It's amazing!" I said standing in my huge hotelroom...

"Good" She said smiling "Sweetheart... I need to go... You know I love you?" She said with tears in her eyes

"Mom are you okey?" I ask worried

"Yeah..." She said while a tear rolled down over her face

"No your not what's wrong?" I ask more worried

"You just... Grow up so fast!" She said smiling

"Mom... I always will love you! Even when I'm old"

"Old?" She asks laughing trough her tears "You're not old!" She said laughing

"You know what I mean" I said smiling...

"I love you son!" She said taking something of her jacket

"I love you too"

"Here" Mom said smiling, and crying at the same time while giving me an envelop

"What is this?" I ask

"Well... You may open it sunday"

"But why not already?"

"Just open it sunday" She said drying her tears...

"Let's make a selfie"

"What?" I ask

"A selfie, that is what you teenagers do, right?"


"Well... Let's take one"

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