Chapter 20

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Jorge's POV

I can't sleep, I can't stop myself from thinking about Martina... I really really like her I guess...

I decide to drink some water I walk too the kitchen and take a glass, fill it with water and drink it.

While drinking I saw the envelop mom gave me... Should I look? No... Better not...

I walk back too bed and try too sleep while thinking about her... Slowly my eyes went heavy and than I fell asleep...


"Podemos pintar colores al almaar, podemos gritar, yeaaaah, podemos volar, sin tener alas... Ser la letra en mi canción, y tallarme en tu voz..." We sang together

"Jorge, I need to tell you something"

"Tell beautiful" Jorge said

"I love U"

"You're joking right?"

"No... I'm sorry... I..."

"No no no no! Shhh" I said while lieing my finger on her lips "I love U too"

"Seriously?" She asks with big eyes and a big smile

"Yes seriously" I said smiling and comming closer

"David!" She said moving away and running too a tall boy with the same hair as me, he looks a lot like me! THANK YOU MOM I THOUGHT I WAS UNIQUE!!!!

"Who is that?" I ask pointing at the boy with her

"That's my boyfriend, David"



I wake up, I have sweat... Nightmare...

Tini's POV


"Haven't I seen you before?" I ask

"Yes it's me, David" He said

"No I mean... You let me think about someone..."

"I know who"


"Someone who you love really much" He said comming closer and taking my hand

"Who is it?" I ask confused

"It's..." He said, but someone cut him off

"Me" A boy voice said, I turn around


"Yes Martina, I love you"

"I don't understand..." I said

"You will" He came closer and hold my chin

"I love you too" I said

He came closer our lips are about to touch, but than...

"You really thought you could trust me, right?"

"What do you mean?"

"I don't like girls like you, bye" He said while walking too some other girls and kissing them...


I woke up, breathing heavy...

"I can't trust him" I said too myself and try too fall asleep again...

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