Chapter 33

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"Jorge!" I said happily too Jorge on the phone

"Tini have I ever told how much... I hate you" Jorge said breathing heavy

"Jorge you okay?"

"Ye...Yeah, sure"

"No you're not"

"Just know that I hate you, why are you even a model? You're face is like my middle finger" Seriously? Jorge c'mon you can say better things like that, I started laughing

"I mean it! Stay away from me or you will be killed"

"Ooh you are making my afraid Jorge" I said smiling

"Not joking" He said serious what makes me a bit scared

"Okay" I said and hang up so fast as I could "What was that?" I said in myself

Jorge's POV

I sigh after she hang up, he can be every where! In the cinema I got a message with the text 'Nice movie' I know it's David... He is creeping me the hell out!

I walk too the kitchen and see the letter of my mom and the envelop, I took the envelop and trow it in the trash, but there fell something out of it

"What's that?" I whisper in myself

I took it up and look in what's inside of it, money? And... I laugh in myself it's the selfie of me and my mom

I hang it above my bed, I stare at it for a long time

"I miss u mom, I want you too know that what I'm doing the best is for everyone, or am I wrong?"

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