Chapter 26

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Jorge's POV

I woke up, in a hospital bed...

"Ah you're awake" A man in white clothes said, am I in heaven?

"Are you an angel?" I ask confused

"No I'm a nurse" He said while laughing

"What happend?"

"You faint..." He said while I remember everything again and started panicking.

"My mom, wh..."

"I'm sorry, she isn't under us anymore..." He said and I started to cry

"Mister Blanco, I think you need some fresh air" He said

"Yeah you're right..." I said going with my hand trough my hair, slowly standing up and walking out... Out of this worse place...


I walk a bit trough the park... When I came further in the park, I came by a river.

I ly my arms over the fence over the river... And let my tears fall down

"Jorge?" A girl voice asks, it's her, but I don't want to face her...

"Tini..." I said still not facing her

"You okay?" She said lieing an arm around my shoulder and standing beside me...

"Yes, I'm fine"

"No you're not, you're crying!"

"My mother..."

"What has she done to you?"

"That's the problem, she can't do something!... She is dead.." I said crying even louder

"What? That's awful!"

"Yes it is..."

"Come here" She said opening her arms and holding me close

"Thanks" I said

"Let's do something what makes you forget this, what do you like?"

"I don't know"




She took the popcorn and I choose the film while sitting on her bed, I love this bed, it's more fluffy! Yes boys also use the word fluffy!
I didn't realise that Tini already was sitting beside me

"Seriously once upon a time?"


"Season two?"

"Yes I'm sorry..."

"Dude! I'm at season 4!!!"

"You like it too?"

"No... I love it!"

"Great to hear, cuz than it wouldn't be a problem when we start with season two..."

"Okay okay"

I click on episode 2 of season 2, when we were halve the episode I started talking out of no where

"I like Aurora"


"Yeah she is nice!"

"Seriously? She doesn't like snow and I mean who doesn't like snow?!"

"Yeah you're right"

"It's cold"

"Yes it is..." I said while she took her blanket and lied it above us... SERIOUSLY EVEN HER BLANKET IS MORE FLUFFYYY

"Better? She asks

"Yes" I replied

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