Chapter 30

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"And who is this girl?" Lodovica said

"Her name is Martina"

"Martina? That's also the name of my Idol"

"It is her"

"Martina Stoessel? You know her?!"

"Yes I do, I was just with her"

"Wait what?"

"You heard me"

"Yes I did, but it's 9.00 AM! What did you with her? OMG DID YOU SLEPT WITH H..."

"Sssssh no no no!!!"

"Well... What else than?"

"I... Just... Brought her breakfast"


"Yes like friends do"

"Friends don't give each other breakfast"

"They do"

"Than I want to meet her now!"

"Because of that?"

"Nooo! Because I want to meet Martina!!!"

"Oh okay" I said as we walk to the hotel


Tini's POV

I was calling with Fran, when I heard a knock on the door

"I'll call you later again, bye Fran" I said hanging up and opening the door

"Hey! Did you talk to Ruggero?" I ask Jorge who just came in... With.. A girl? "Err... Hi? Who are you?" I ask the black haired girl

"My name is Lodovica, but you can call me Lodo! I'm Jorge's girlfriend!"

Girlfriend? Jorge's girlfriend... I feel that my face became red.

"And why didn't Jorge tell me something about his girlfriend?" I ask staring at Jorge

"She isn't my girlfriend, she is a fan" Jorge said, I almost left a sigh

"Since when does Jorge has fans?" I ask

"No, she is your fan!" He said while chuckling

"Oh yeah right... Hi" I said

"Marthu I should go" He said, eyeyeyey new nickname

"Kaykay" I said

"Byee" He said closing the door

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