Chapter 2

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Jorge's POV

After a long time talking about that Martina girl I decided to go home... Cuz otherwise I litterly would have killed one of them... So when I came home, I decided to take my laptop and google on Google pictures: "Martina" I see some ugly and old people and one beautiful one... I click on the picture... Martina Stoessel is standing there... I go to the normal Google and typ: "Martina Stoessel" I see a Wikipedia of her so I click on it... Martina Alejandra Stoessel Muzlera (Tini Stoessel) worldwide singer, dancer, actress and model... Born in Buenos Aires on 21-03-97... So she is... Uhm... Okey you can do this Jorge... It's 2015 so is is 15+3 years old and that is... 18!!! HA! Young for a worldwide popstar...

Mom: I'm hoooome!

Jorge: Ey mom!

Yeah now you think... A 24 years old boy who still doesn't live by himself... Yes that's right, well... I had a girlfriend with who I lived, but 3 months ago we broke up... Yeah poor me... No joking, It was the best... We were only fighting last months...

Mom: What are you doing?

Jorge: My friends talk the last months only about a famous Martina girl so I searched on Google...

Mom: Martina Stoessel?

Jorge: Yeah how do you know?

Mom: Duuh she is the most famous singer on the world!

Jorge: Aaah...

I go to youtube and typ Martina Stoessel, I see interviews blablabla... Ah there is a song... It's called Broken... 345.000.214 vieuws! That's very much! A girl who is just 18 and already world famous... Respect... Watching the clip I asked myself something... She is an amazing singer and she is beautiful and talented, but what is now really really special about her? They don't even know how she is... I think she is just a diva, who can act so she looks in the videoclips like an unsure girl...

Mom: Jorge sweetie, I'm back at 23.15! You can already sleep when you are tired, you can make some soupe for dinner and yeah... Bye!

Jorge: Can't we just eat once together?!

Mom: What did you said?

Jorge: Leave it... Bye mom...

Mom: Bye sweetie

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