Chapter 14

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Tini's POV

"What are you doing here? " I ask confused seeing my best friend standing there

"I wanted to see you" He said

"But no one may know that we know each other, what if someone sees us!"

"In your hotelroom?"

"Right" I said "Ruggie I've missed youuuu!" I said running to him and hugging him

"You have just seen me an hour ago!" He said trying to calm me down

"I know, but before that I didn't saw you for ages!"

"Good point" He said and hugged me once again, but we broke the hug by someone coughing behind us... Sh*t I forgot to close the door!

Jorge's POV

"Mom I'm hoooome!" I yelled with my bags full of food in my hands

"Good, you can place the bags there" She said pointing at an empty place on the ground "I just wanted to bring you too your hotel!"

"Mom, did you take it serious?"

"Yes I did, your suitcases are standing in your room"

"Do I have to go already?"

"Yes, come"

"Okey?" I said walking upstairs and taking my suitcases and than walking with my mom to the hotel... We don't have a car so...
We were now standing in front of the hotel

"Mom this hotel is expensive! How did you payed this?"

"Well... You have to work here three times in a week"

"Okey, but how long do I have to stay here?"

"I don't know sweetheart, let's go inside" for a moment I thought mom was crying but she didn't... I think?

We walk inside someone called Damien brought us to our room, while walking to my room I saw a door standing open, is that Martina... And... Ruggero?
I fake cough and I was right, they both look shocked at me...

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