Chapter 45

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After what I 'said' too mom she is quiet all the time!

But what I said was true... And I really love him, I just want that date! Wait! That's it! I have an idea!

I took my phone and started scrowlingg, text from Jorge... I couldn't do anything about it, but my heart skipped a beat

_And? How is it going? Can we go on our date?

_Idk... I yelled at her and now is she quiet all the time... But we will go tonight for sure

_If that's true, your flight will be around 11.30 P.M.



_I can sneak out my room tonight?

_Don't you think that your mother only will be more mad?

_I don't care! It's 5 o'clock and I need to see you before I go!

_I love you

_I love you the way more

_I love you the most

_I love you more than the most

_That's impossible!

_Nope it isn't

_Oh yeah it is

_See you tonight 7.15 P.M. hottie

_See ya princess

I got a smile on my face, he is even cute on whatsapp

Timeskip 7.15 P.M.

I'm just done with making ready for the date... Mom is watching tv... Okay I need too sneak behind her..

I walk on my toes too the door and opened it, of course mom heard it

"What are you going too do?" Mom said

"Oh I wanted too... get some snacks for tonight?"

"So you didn't want to go to that boy?" Mom asked and I shake my head

"Okay, I'll go with you" She said standing up



We walk outside, Jorge was waiting, but I made a sign that he has to hide

"It's good too see you again Martina, and I'm sorry that we are leaving so early.."

"It's okay" not

"You know..." She said, but I ran soundless away too him

"What are you doing? Now she is sure that you are with me!" He said

"I don't care and let's not destroy this evening, let's go"

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