Chapter 47

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"Martina, we will text and call each other every day, right?"

"Every day, every hour" I said taking my phone...

"What are you going to do?" He said as I press at camara and than at play

"Hello there people! This is the sweetest and most romantic boy ever, his name is Jorge and I loooooove him" I said laughing

"And this is my princess, Martina and I love her so much moreee"

"We already talked about this! I love you more"

"No I love you more"

"No you don't" He said putting his hand on my cheek as I blushed

"Yes I do" I said shy as he came closer, but I didn't lose the grib on the camara

"No babe, you don't" He said as I smiled and his lips were pressed on mine... Fast I kissed back and lost grib on the camara. After some seconds we separate...

"Wow" I only said

"I love you, Martina" He said as I just looked speechless at him "Oh I... I'm sorry, I didn't meant to-"

"No no! I love you too" I said fast grabbing him by his sweater and kissed him again, short, but it felt amazing!

"Wow. L..Let's eat something" He said, is he nervous?

"Su-" I began, but my phone cuts me off, it's mom.

"Take it" Jorge said

"It's my mom, I dont want to, than she will tell me too go home and we are just here"

"Just anwser" He said with a little cute smile

"Okay" I said as I tapped at the green button...

"Martina where are you?!"

"I think you know where I am" I said pissed as Jorge gave me his 'relax' face

"Come home now! Or flight will be in one hour!" She said panicking

Wait! How long are we here?

"But we just have to drive 15 minutes!"

"I know, but you still have too pack in your bags! Come home now!"

I give Jorge my sad face as I hang up

"You have to go?" He asks standing up with a sad face

"Yeah" I said looking down.

He gave me his hand and I took it

"Let's go" He said getting me up

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