Chapter 32

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Jorge's POV

"You need to stay away from her!" The boy said between his teeth

"And why should I?" I ask brave, knowing that he is hiding something behind his back

"Because of this" He said pushing me agaist the wall with a knife agaist my neck

" St...op it" I said begging

"No I won't! Break her heart and today"

"Wh...o are you?" I ask

"David, David Lanzani" He said

"Okay... I.." I ask when he moved away from me and walking out of my room

What just happend? I walk too the mirror in my bathroom and let tears fallin' down... It hurts. You see a bleeding line in my neck. I have to hurt Tini. This is bad, really bad. Hurting Tini, being treated, fight Ruggero, mom... Why do I deserve this? Suddely my phone rang

"Hey you spreak with Jorge wassup?"

"I'm sorry" I heard on the other side, it's Ruggero!


"Yeah and I'm sorry, I maybe was a bit overreacting"

"Yeah you did" I said laughing

"How are you?" Rugge said

"I'm fine" I said

"Great, cuz I have two tickets for the cinema and I won't go alone"

"Sounds great, I'm on my way"

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