Chapter 29

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"Yes I'm back" Peter said

"Okay hi" I said closing the door and standing agaist it...

"I wanna talk" He yelled from the other side of the door

"About what?" I yelled back

"That I'm sorry" He said and I slowly opened the door again

"Sorry for what?" I said

"For leaving you alone when you needed me... "

"Ooh you mean that moment that you left me because I had not enough money?" I ask

"It was all a misunderstanding!"

"I don't know what you see as an misunderstanding, but I don't call it like that" I said on the point to close the door

"W-wait please..." He begs

"Peter I don't want to talk to you" I said closing the door


Jorge's POV

I just talked too Ruggero... He won't forgive me... I need to accept that. I walk too a bench in the park...

"I miss you mom" I said when a tear rolled down my cheek "I wish you would be here now, to help me" I smile when a solt tear fell on my lips

"You okay?" An unknown voice said

"Yes" I said

"No you're not" 'She' said while I look up at her... A black haired girl stood there

"My name is Lodovica" 'Lodovica' said

"Well... Hi my name is Jorge... You are not from here, are you?"

"No I'm from Italy!"

"Well... Ciau Lodovica"

"You lost your mother?" She asks

"Yes, yes I did"

"You will be fine, trust me" She said

"And why should I trust someone who I don't even know?" I ask

"You have to ask that yourself"

"You know it won't be fine"

"Why not?"

"My mom just died and I have a fight with my best friend about a girl"

"Do you love her?"


"Well? What's wrong than? You have to tell him"

"I tried, but I couldn't do that"

"Because you love her"

"No I don't!" I said in a kind of mad way when she looked at me with an unbelieveble face "Okay, maybe a little" I said

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