Chapter 48

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We stand in front of my room right now, just hugging for some minutes.

"I'll miss you so so so so much!" Jorge said as we separate

"I'll miss you so so so much too!" I said with tears in my eyes, smiling weakly

"Send me the video okay? As soon as I have the money I'll come to you and see you agai-" Jorge began, but the door which opened interrupted him

"There you are! Martina come! We have too go about halve an hour our flight goes! I already packed your stuff, now! Come on, we have too bring the reception the keys" She said taking my arms and pulling me with her

"Mom you can't do this!" I said, but she just ignored me as I sent Jorge an fast airkiss and he stood there... Lifeless...

Jorge's POV

Someone was interrupting us, shit it's her mum, she took Martina by her arm and took her with her... All went so fast, she sent me an airkiss, but I couldn't do more then just watching her... How further she was, how weaker I felt.

I think I've just lost her

And I just let it happen. I could run after her, telling her how much I love her. But I don't. I just let her go.

She will go back too Argentina. I'll see her maybe... Once again, but then she already forgot about me.

I remember what my mom said: Always follow your heart

And that is what I have to do... But it's already too late...

Or not.

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