Chapter 3

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Tini's POV

Me: Well it was nice to meet you Sam!

Sam: It was nice to meet you to! This is the best day of my life!

Me: Ahww that's so sweet!

Sam: *shy smile* Well... Than I need to go! Goodbye, thank you so much for the autograph and the picture!

Me: No problem, bye! And remember always fight for your dreams!

Sam: Thank you...

She shyly closed the door, finally the last of the meet and greets! I'm so tired! When I was walking to my dressing-room I saw Angela my manager...

Angela: Hey superstar!

Tini: Hey Angela! I go home, I'm tired and tomorrow we go too Germany so...

Angela: What? No! You still have 2 interviews and a photoshoot!

Tini: Angela, it's already halve past 10!!! And I still need to do interviews and a photoshoot?!

Angela: Don't scream that's not good for your voice!

Tini: Listening first 2 interviews and than a photoshoot, that photoshoot is than about 23.00 P.M. When I than still need to do a photoshoot I look like a ghost!

Angela: A bit make-up, fake smile and tadaaaaa a new fresh Martina Stoessel...

Tini: I don't want to be fake!

Angela: Poor you! You have to, bc we've got a contract! So make ready and let's go!

Tini: Okey...

I walk to my dressing-room and make ready... This will be a looooong night...

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