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Ice Age: Continental Drift//Diego x OC by _gertr_
Ice Age: Continental Drift//Diego...by Gertruda Mat
Here we go. This is a sequel to Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs//Diego x OC. Manny, Sid, Diego, and Summer are forced to go on another adventure. During it, Summer meets...
W I T C H • Five Hargreeves X Fem!Reader by Artistictia
W I T C H • Five Hargreeves X Fem...by tt_artistic
"Look at her! She's just a witch in disguise!" Number Eight : The Witch Full name : (Y/n) Hargreeves Pronouns: She/Her Powers : Controlling the four elements A...
[Ice Age] Diego x Reader by _Sids_dandelion_
[Ice Age] Diego x Readerby _Sids_dandelion_
This is Diego x Reder -book about the first movie. I hope you like it!
Diego x Reader - Dare by fan-of-the-fandoms
Diego x Reader - Dareby 𝐷𝐼𝑅𝑇𝑌𝐻𝐴𝑁𝐷𝑆
Was originally part of my One-Shot book, but has become a full book
The Time Traveler's Wife (Book 1) Five x Reader by TheUmbrellaAcad08
The Time Traveler's Wife (Book 1)...by TheUmbrellaAcad08
Five Hargreeves and Y/N Hargreeves (aka Eight) were always inseparable from a young age. Never did anything without the other. If one got hurt the other would take care...
Ice Age: The Meltdown//Diego x OC by _gertr_
Ice Age: The Meltdown//Diego x OCby Gertruda Mat
This is a sequel to "Ice Age//Diego x OC. Just like Summer wanted. Another adventure that could cause extinction. Manny thinks he's the only mammoth. OOh, how wrong...
UMBRA ━ NUMBER FIVE by funkyenderboy
OO1.┊ UMBRA ❪ season one ❫ ༉ ❛ so that was totally better than kissing the mannequin right? ❜ IN WHI...
Ice Age by Nicole_Wolfbane
Ice Ageby Nicole Wolfbane
The day seemed completely calm and the chilling wind blew past. The mammoth currently heading north stopped as he heard rustling in the distance. Turning his head to ign...
Zayn Hargreeves // Umbrella Academy  by -Dark-Silver-
Zayn Hargreeves // Umbrella Academ...by Shaneaxx N.
Five Hargreeves x male!oc ☆☆☆ "You know Five, we're like the modern Romeo and Juliet thing." "And Why is that? Is it because we're destined to be togethe...
The Herd and the little girl with unique powers (Ice Age x OC) (Completed) by AliceGalaxy3
The Herd and the little girl with...by Alice Galaxy
During in the very cold land known as the "Ice Age", many animals are headed to the north after their hibernation. However when a young little girl named Elean...
Ice Age: Collision Course//Diego x OC by _gertr_
Ice Age: Collision Course//Diego x...by Gertruda Mat
Adventures continue. This is my 5th book of the Ice Age series. Enjoy!
ICE AGE: DAWN of the DINOSAURS ( Reader's Story ) by SkylerKemp
ICE AGE: DAWN of the DINOSAURS ( R...by IAmSkylerKemp
We remember from last time, the herd brought Ellie, Crash, Eddie and a wild kitten with them from the meltdown. This is a story wrap around Y/N who trained with Diego t...
Subject 001 by justareader2610
Subject 001by justareader2610
What happens when Diego takes his powerful fiancée to meet his family... after his father dies. The story follows the series' events with the recent addition of Em to th...
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs//Diego x OC by _gertr_
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs//Di...by Gertruda Mat
Welcome back! This is my third Ice Age story. Just like Summer suspected, with new friends come new adventures.
Ice Age//Diego x OC by _gertr_
Ice Age//Diego x OCby Gertruda Mat
A mammoth Manfred and a saber-tooth tiger Summer want to 'freeze to death'. On the way they meet Sid the Sloth and a....human baby? They got help from a saber-tooth tige...
JULIETTE | number five by rumipip
JULIETTE | number fiveby rumi pip
IN WHICH Juliette can self multiply, and clones a version of herself that survives the apocalypse. The only problem, Juliette is Sir Reginald Hargreeves daughter who has...
Ice Age (Diego x Reader) by DynamiicGuitar
Ice Age (Diego x Reader)by DynamiicGuitar
A little cub was found within the snow shivering from the cold and with fear, a mammoth picked up the cub and decided to protect her and stay with her, she was named Y/n...
Sky Hargreeves | F.H by simonetua
Sky Hargreeves | F.Hby simone.tua
"Were we... in love?" Sky mumbles tilting her head to the side while putting her hands in her lap. A blush crept up on Five's face. "Madly." Sky harg...
INVISIBLE ☂︎ Klaus Hargreeves by coolwhenurbatman
INVISIBLE ☂︎ Klaus Hargreevesby ˗ˏˋ 𝖡𝖫𝖴𝖤 ˊˎ-
❝you're called the seance and you've never held a proper seance! Dishonor on you! Dishonor on your cow!❞ ❝I have a cow?❞ ━━━━━━━━━ In which, Klaus and Alex...
Timeless[Soulmate AU][Five X Reader] by PhoenixBTS
Timeless[Soulmate AU][Five X Reade...by PhoenixBTS
On the twelfth hour of the first day of October 1989, 43 women around the world gave birth. This was unusual only in the fact that none of these women had been pregnant...