Chapter 1

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Tini's POV

I hear the people screaming my name, yelling, clapping, jumping, crying... Because of me... Martina Stoessel an 18 years old girl... Traveling the world... Okey now I sound depressive... But I'm not, I really love my life!

Man: Martina you need to hurry op the show begins!

Martina: Okey

I close the door and run on stage... The lights go on and everybody is screaming... Let the show begins!

Jorge's POV

Me: Yeah yeah, she is beautiful blablabla, but please guys you only talk about that Martina girl!

Rugge: That "Martina girl" is one of the most famous and most beautifullest girls on the world and she comes here on tour!

Me: So?

Rugge: So yeah we are a bit excited!

Me: Are you going?

Rugge: I hope so... I've heard many people about it... So I hope we will be on time...

Diego: Oh man I love that girl...

Me: But you already have a girlfriend!

Diego: What Ruggero too and he just may talk about her?!

Me: Really I hate that Martina girl!

Diego, Rugge, Facu: What?!

Me: Yeah she drives you guys totally crazy!

Rugge: Pfff.... Crazy is a little to big word...

Facu: No it isn't come on guys! We are her biggest fans!

Rugge: Maybe they sale vip-tickets with a meet and greet!!!!

Diego: Oh gosh when they sale them we need to buy them!

Facu: I think Jorge needs to go with us!

Diego: Yeah great idea

Rugge: Guys no!

Diego: Why not?

Rugge: Cuz I've read in a magazine that she love boys with brown hear and beautiful hazel eyes and look at Jorge!!!

Me: W..Wait! Do you read magazines?!

Rugge: Pfff... Whaaat nooo!

Me: Guy... That's just so bad!

Facu: But Diego, he won't flirt with her, cuz he is our friend and we can trust him...

Me: I don't go with you guys! Just accept it!

Diego: But maybe after you saw her you'll like her too...

Me: Never okey, just never!

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