Chapter 38

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I woke up. My arm around a tiny body.. It's Tini... She looks cute.. I pull her a bit closer

"Morning" She says still with closed eyes

"Morning" I reply

She turns a bit so she faces me

"Slept well?" She asks

"Yeah, you?" I ask

"Same" She says while standing up

"Seriously?" I ask "It's 6.15 a.m.!"

"Yeah so?" She says

"So stay in bed!" I say

"No, I-" She says but than stops... "Is that your mom?" She asks, I saw that she was looking at the selfie of me and my mom above my bed

"Yes" I say sad

"I'm sorry for you" She says looking down

"Mom would love too meet you" I say

"And why?"

"My mom was someone who believed in true love, my dad died, but she didn't want to start over because she knew he was her true love"

"So you say-" She said and I cut her off

"That you are my true love?" I ask "I have no idea, let's find out" I say walking up too her

I saw her become nervously..
I ly my hand on her cheek and came closer and said:

"Goodmorning beautiful"

And kissed her, after some seconds she kissed back... Still feels amazing, more than that.

We seperate

"I think I should go too my room" She says

"Okay" I say as Tini walks away

"Uuh Tini?" I say

"Yeah?" She asks

"My t-shirt" I say laughing

"Oh yeah" She says while taking her clothes and walking away while blushing

Wait do I still get my shirt back? In less the a minute Tini came back and trow the shirt too me

"How did y-"

"In shows I have too dress in like 10 seconds" She says and walks away

What a girl

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