Chapter 6

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Jorge's POV, three days later

''I can't believe I just go with you'' I said, when my 'friends' were sing along with her cd, and Diego driving to the concert

''I'm sorry buddy, just think about pizza'' Rugge said with a smirk on his face...

''Pizza is the way better than you hear singing with and like a girl''

''Amico, after the concert, you're don't even think about pizza anymore''


''Okey AmiGGGGGGo'' he reallly makes me crazy! All of them! After 45 minutes just hating them we came by a huge building... Here I will get the most horrible hours of my life, she is good, I can survive her voice, I only can't survive her biggest fans, who are running now like crazy to the building.

''Jorge get out of the car with your lazy ass'' Diego said, a bit on a scary way

''Relax, relax, we are comming'' I said

''We are comming?''

''Yeah me and my muscles'' I said, stepping out of the car and walking to the building, giving a man, who worked there of course, our tickets... Yeah I've got the tickets... Cuz my friend Ruggero almost eat them in the car.

''Thank you, enjoy the concert'' the man with the yellow shirt with the name of the building and black jeans said

And we walked in, everywhere were people, the most of them were boys... The worst of all was... There were three boys... With long curled hair, same as Martina... That. Is. Just. Weird.

''Martina, here we come'' Facu yelled and all the people, exept me, were screaming like crazy... Yes Martina here I come.

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