Chapter 8

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Jorge's POV

"IEEEEEEEEEE" Rugge screamed in my ear

"WHAT?!" I screamed back annoyed

"I JUST CAN'T WAIT" Rugge screamed

"RELAX WE STILL NEED TO WAIT TILL THE OTHER 16 PEOPLE HAVE BEEN THERE" I screamed and all the people looks weird at us

"Well... When you didn't need to eat a hotdog first we were standing in the beginning of the queue! And NOW we are in the and of the queue!" He said between his teeth

"I'm sorry man, but when I'm hungry... I'm hungry!" I said

"Let's stay peace over here" Facu said

"Fine!" I said

"Fine!" I reply

"Next one!" An unknown man said when a girl walked out really happy

"Still 15 people now!" Rugge said

"HA HA" I said "You know what you three may for me!"

"Really?" Rugge, Diego and Facu said in the same time

"Yeah" I said

"I go first!" Diego said

"No I go first!" Rugge said

When they were fighting I was just relaxing and being happy that I have the most time without her... It'll be akward...

Tini's POV

Lizzy goes out of my room and I ask my securaty how many people still have to come

"13 I think" he said

"Thanks Bob!" I said and he laughed

"No problem Tini" He reply and a new fan came in... A boy from my age came in

"I can't believe it's really you!" He said

Boys are really scary fans, cuz sometimes they try to kiss me and yeah... That's just akward...

"Hi! What's your name?" I said smiling


"Nice name! I ever had a best friend called Wesley, but he moved to Mexic... WESLEY?!" I said really happy!

"TINITA!" He said

I run to him and hug him tight

"I've missed you so much!" I said

"I've missed you more!" He said "And quess what!"

"Tell!" I said

"I'm moving back to Buenos Aires tomorrow!!!"

"No way!"

"Yeah way!"

"I can't wait to eat ice-creams with you again and that eat them till we are complaining about that we have eat to much!" I said and he said the last words together with me

About 10 minutes of talking he need to go

"Well! I see you than in Buenos Aires! Bye Tinita!" He said

"Bye handsome" I said and he walked laughing away

Time for the next one, still 12 to go and than some rest

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