Chapter 34

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"Have you done what I said?" David asks

"Lanzani right?" I ask advoiding his question

"Anwser my question"

"Yes, I have broke her heart, but please she didn't even love me!" I said

"She did, now you have done your job she is heart broken, thanks mate"

"We are not mates, I only want to know it for sure again. Is your name David Lanzani?" I said between my teeth

"Yes it is" He said and I feel anger boiling, before I realised it I took his neck and pushed him agaist the wall, not losing my grib.

"What the..." He said trying to catch some breath

"Peter told you to do this" I said "It was him"

"Yes" He said when his head was turning pale, I lose my grib and he was breathing heavy

"What is he planned?" I ask with anger in my voice "TELL ME WHAT HE PLANNED!!!" I scream, when fear appears in his eyes

"He... Is now on his way too Martina" He said

"Sh*t" I said "What did you get for doing this?" I ask, that's typical Peter, black mailing

"He did kidnap my girlfriend" He said when the fair in his eyes turned into hate, hate for his brother

"I'm sorry" I said frozen for a moment "I should go too Martina" I said and started hurrying again

"Thanks, that you didn't kill me, I shouldn't have done the same" He said smiling friendly I just smiled back while putting on my coat and rushing out of my room too hers, her door was open, I rushed in... Chairs and the table were upside down, the bench wasn't standing on his place anymore... I'm sure...

Peter WAS here and he didn't went away alone.

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