Chapter 9

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Jorge's POV

Diego just came out of the room, with tears all over his face

''She is amazing!!!'' He screamed and Facu goes in


Out of no where my head started hurting I see Martina back on stage while singing the last sence of her song ''Y donde... Quiera yooo... Vooooyy....'' I saw her almost crying and than I woke up of my 'daydream' bc of Rugge... DAMN He faint! And my head stopped hurting hmm...

'''Rugge you okey?'' I said

''Yeah I'm fine I really thought you should catch me 'friend'!'' he said making air quotes around the word friend

''Sorry man! I was daydreaming!'' I said

''It's okey''

''Good'' I said while Facu came out of the room... Rugge runned inside.

''So Facu how was it?'' I asked, but he didn't replied, he just stared in front of him like he was in shock or something

''Facu?'' I said waving my hand in front of him, but he still didn't replied, but I'm smart enough to think about a solution

''FACU LOOK MARTINA'' I screamed in his ear and he immediately woke up

''What what where?!'' He said looking around him like crazy

''I was joking you were in trance''

''I saw her''

''Yeah that is the plan of a meet and greet''

''She is more beautiful when you see her for real''

''Weirdo, go too the toilets and put you head in it, maybe that will make you a bit normal again''

''But I don't want too be normal again, it's like two cute unicorns have made a beautiful rainbow where I walk over to planet Martina'' He said dreamly, O god what is she doing with my friend... This is getting scary! He is like a girl! I mean the unicorn part I understand, but planet Martina? He is sick!

''And don't forget the wings she gave me...'' He said after it

''Dude, the only thing what gaves you wings is Red Bull!'' I said, good one Jorge!

''She is so...''

''Please dude stop it!'' I said and the door goes open again... I guess it's my time now I thought while getting inside

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