Chapter 23

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Tini's POV

I was just listening music, when Ruggero came in... He said something, I put my earphones off...

"Sorry? What did you say?" I ask

"That I need to ask you something really important" He said with his 'this is serious' face

"Okay... So, go ahead!"

"Well... I wanted to ask you... Do you want to go with me? On a date?" He said like it was nothing

The words turns in my head for a while

"Wh...What?" I ask shocked

"Do you..."

"Yes I understand, but..."

"But what? Do you want it or not?"

"No I'm sorry" Wait why did I said that?! Of course I want!!! "Sorry Ruggero, but I love someone else..." WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME NO NO NO NO NO!!!

"It's okay..." He said walking away sadly, I'm such a confused girl!!!

Jorge's POV

After Rugge left, I eat my ice-cream... I like it. I feel thinkless! Oh who am I kidding, I am lonely and Rugge is asking the girl I like out... Wait not the... Oh just leave it I like her...

"Hi man" Someone said, I turn around

"What's wrong?" I ask Rugge

"You were right, I didn't should ask her"

"She said no?" I said maybe a bit to happy


"I'm sorry man"

"You can't do anything about it, she loves someone else"

"Aah, who?"

"I don't know, but I hate that guy"

"Yeah me too"


"For hurting you"

"But he didn't"

"Yes he did, she fell in love with 'him' so accually he hurts you and with that he hurts us"

"You're the best"

"But I should go, mom is waiting"

"What is your mom here?"

"No home weirdo"

"Okay, greet her!"

"I will, bye amico"

"Bye amigo"

That remind me of the envelop of my mom! I should read it, I'm curious! I walk 'home' and go to the kitchen to take the envelop, I open it.
There was a letter in it.

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