Chapter 31

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Lodo is here now for two hours, but she is such a nice girl! She told me that she is from Italy and we are going to the supermarket now too buy pizza... I never ate pizza, Lodo said that that was the most magical thing what exist so... I don't have a choice.

"So how is it between you and Jorge?" Lodo asks

"Well... We are great friends and h..."

"I KNOW YOU SLEPT TOGETHER" Lodo said with a scary face...

"What? Oh that! Yes we fell asleep while watching Netflix"

"I know you like him"

"No I don't"

"Because you love him?"


"When I said that I was Jorge's girlfriend you looked jalouse"

"No I was just... shocked"

"Yes because you like him"


"Which taste Lodo?" I said pointing at the pizza's


"Okay" I said grabbing the pizza and paying


"Pizza is ready!" Lodo said happy

"Good" I said grabbing a plate

"You ready?" She said

"Always" I said when she was putting the pizza on my plate

"Smells good" I said

"Just eat!" She said and I took one of the pieces pizza and eat it, it's unbelieveble! It's delicious! I love it

"You know?" Lodo said

"What?" I ask

"You look at the same way at the pizza as you look at Jorge"

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