Chapter 24

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I read the letter

Dear Jorge,
I know that I should've told you, but I couldn't... Jorge, I have cancer... And I can't mend anymore, it's all over in my body... I'm sorry, but this was too hard for me to tell... Please don't be mad and know that I'll always stay on your side...
I love you, mom

What?! This might be a nightmare. Tears were all rolling over my face, I need to go home! I run to home and try to open the door, it's locked and now I see her car isn't here... Let's make a try for the hospital than... I run still crying to the hospital... And ask the first nurse I saw If she knows where my mom is...

"Yes, she is on the second floor"

"Thanks" I said, searching for breath, totally freaking out and running to the lift to the second floor...

Comming there I asked the nurse on which room mom lies... Room 21.

I run to my mom and see her sleeping on the hospital bed, I sat beside her and took her hand, with my other hand I stroke my cheek, yupp still crying... I hear millions of sounds around me, but I heard the bleeps from the machine next to my moms bed the most... I saw this machines always in movies, the movies which the boys and me watched... But it's the way less annoying in real life... It makes you feel relieved, when you hear the bleeps you know that she is still alive... I saw mom slowly opens her eyes

"Mom?" I ask

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