Chapter 27

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Some times, things go on another way than you have planned... I just lost my mom and Tini is taking care for me... You lost one thing and get another thing back... I miss my mom more than anything, she was always there for me. But I have to... at least try, to be strong...

Tini is cute while sleeping, she fell asleep by episode 4 and is using my chest as pillow now... I'm just striking my arm and with my other hand I am softly tickling her back...

"Do you want to stop it? It tickles" Tini said with her sleepy face soft laughing

"Nope" I said with a huge smirk on my face

"Why not" She asks while looking up to me with her two brown puppy eyes

"Cuz I love it when you're laughing"

"But I want you to stop now!" She said annoyed

"Is that an order?" I ask

"Yes it is" she said being proud of herself

"I'm sorry, but I don't follow orders" I started tickling her harder and she started laughing and trying to move away, but hey! Let's be honest! Boys are always stronger!

" .It!" She said laughing so so hard

"What's the magic word?" I ask to tease her

"P...please" She said

"Okay than" I said while stopping with tickling

Than we realise how close we were... I had my arm around her waist and she her hand on my chest... I can feel her breath, it smells like popcorn... Talking about popcorn it's all over the room right now... I notice her staring at my lips... I slowly watched hers too... She came closer and our noses almost touched, but no of course it doesn't happend... That stupid oger in once upon a time have too attack them! I hate this serie! Oh no I still love it! We akward pulled away

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