Part 31

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He didn't let go and retreat, he simply pushed her body further into the wall, tightening his grip again. "You're gonna do what I say okay princess? Otherwise you might get hurt." She nodded her head a little too quickly and mumbled a 'yes'.

He grinded his crotch against her arse after he moved her arms into a more uncomfortable position, but in a spot where he had complete access to her arse. He pulled her away from the wall, walking over to the wardrobe, getting his handcuffs out of his work draw and hooking them around her wrists quite slowly.

He took this time to mumble in her ear, "we need to have a safe word, I don't wanna push you too far." Here eyes searched the small room they were currently in, seeing his acoustic guitar on a stand in the corner. "Guitar, it'll be guitar,"

"Guitar it is," he smirked, the final click of the handcuffs sounding in the room.

He grabbed her upper arm and dragged her out of the room. Throwing her body onto the bed, she was face down and could see him move behind her on the bed in the corner of her eye. She saw his arm beside her and moving a few pillows to under her hips, he hands groping her ass afterwards.

"My little sluts enjoying this isn't she?" She nodded her head as a response, clearly not the one he wanted. A smack on her ass told her to speak up, "Yes, oh god yes!"


smut coming soon ;)

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