Part 13

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Breathless, their bodies relaxed on the bed. Taking the all too familiar position of Niall's arm wrapped around her shoulders and her head on the side of his chest. They laid there until they could talk again. "What's your plan?" Niall questioned,

"About what?"

"Moving here, living here. You have a plan right?"

"Yeah, I mean it's basic. And it's changed quite a bit",

"So what is it?"

"Move, find a place to stay, work, get enough I can get a little flat or something, and just live here."

"And how's it changed?"

"Well I have you, and I'm not working because of you, I'm gonna end up living in this hotel for the rest of my days and that's it I think,"

"You know, you don't have to stay in this hotel room your whole life,"

"It's nice though,"

"But it's not."

"Well what are you suggesting?"

"You move in with me".

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