Part 41

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She sat in the back of the police car, Niall driving and his partner in the passenger seat. Niall still refused to have a conversation with Holden, since all she'd talk about was how much fun she had in the club and when can she do it again. 

So instead, Holden made conversation with Niall's partner, Officer Batts. 

Niall didn't like that either, she'd laugh when he said something funny, pout when he said something she didn't like, and bite her lip when she was thinking of something to tell him. Those three little things she did always got to Niall.

He was still supposed to be angry with her, but every time she did something cute, his angry would die a little and instead warmth would fill his chest and he'd have to stop himself from smiling. Having to keep thinking of the memory from outside the club, the incident where he almost lost her; and that put him in a bad mood once more.

It only took around twenty minutes to get back to Niall's apartment, having to open the door for her he told Batts that he'd only be a few minutes. Pulling her into the building and up to his front door, she was cuddling up to his arm, almost begging him not to put her in bed for the night. 

But he did, not bothering to take her out of her clothes - because he was sure he wouldn't be able to hold himself back. He took her shoes and jewellery off however, laying the shoes near the door and her jewellery on the top of the bedside table. He tucked her into bed, with her big eyes still pleading him to let her go back out and have some more fun.

He kissed her on the forehead, whispering a quiet "Go to sleep, Holden." Then standing up and walking to the door, "I'll be back when you wake up, then I'll deal with you."

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