Dont get excited

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This isn't an update cause I suck ass. Yes I know.

I don't even have a legitimate reason for not posting I just haven't been on wattpad at all. Like I've been on twice in the past like 4/5 months and one of those was to read one of my unpublished stories so I could sleep.

I will try my hardest to get back into writing but I think I'm just over it if I'm honest. I've grown up, like on Wednesday I'll be able to drive by myself. In two months I'll be 18 and in November high school will be over.
So I guess I'm trying to mature and what not, even though I love writing

I wanna start writing like a legit story not a cutesy little fanfiction get me? Like I wanna get older and maybe even publish a book.

And I appreciate all of your lovely votes and comments and even you taking the time to read this ~shitty~ story. Maybe I'll finish it like I originally planned. Maybe I'll half ass it and just leave it for a shitty ending.

But I hope that if I do end up writing an actual book, you will take the time to read it or even just look at it, just like you have with this story

Love you so much words cannot describe ♥️

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