Part 21

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"Niall fück, please just do something," his head between her bare thighs, Niall was the master of teasing. "Please Niall, I'm begging you."

He realised now was the best time to say what he'd been wanting to say since the moment he saw her asleep in her car. His fingers tickled their way across the skin of her inner thigh, his lips pressing soft, gentle kisses to them, getting closer and closer to her. 

She reached down, desperate for some action, her fingers gasped for Niall's hair, trying to force the millimetre gap between them closed, but she missed. Niall's right hand grabbing her wrist and tugging a little, "patience baby girl, patience." Her wrist was let free and she instead clung to the white sheets of the bed. "Niall," it was almost soundless.

His breath blew out, she could feel the cold air against herself. 

"Baby, I need you to call me daddy"

+this is gonna be the part were some of you stop reading but I had always planned for this to be a daddykink story (because I'm obsessed with reading them) and you can't say I just sprung this on you because its tagged under it and yeah maybe I might put a warning in the description as of now but tbh icba. I also know some of you know and have been waiting for this moment, so have i ;) .We're not even close to the main climax in this story but its going so good.

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