Part 4

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When she woke up the next morning she panicked, for the slight second forgetting that she'd left her parents city home for the country only the day before. It was 9am from the clock beside her telling her so, she hadn't brought anything else in the room apart from her phone, purse and car keys.

She made her way out of her hotel room and down the stairs, not forgetting to pick up her car keys and the room key. She picked up her suitcase and carried it inside with her.

Stopping at the office to talk to the elderly man from last night, "do you mind if I stay a few more nights, I can pay now if you'd like,"
"No problem, it's £15 a night for a friend of Horan's"
"Thank you." shed forgotten to bring her purse down with her but she'd nip down after she's gotten changed to give him money for the next few nights.

The cafe was said to pay her every week, at £10 an hour it was more than she could've gotten working at a busy Starbucks in the city. That reminded her she needed to check her phone for some emails, but first she needed to get her oversized suitcase up these stairs.

A hand was placed over her own, "let me get that for you." she looked up, recognising the man from last night, Officer Horan.

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