Another dumb pointless update

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Okay. So after considering my options briefly for the past 30 seconds. I would like to finish this story - but as I'm in my final year of school, id like to concentrate on that first.

So if you guys are happy with waiting about 12 or so weeks. ~I finish on the 21 October~ I will continue writing this story full time (probably about 1-3 updates a week) and will plan to finish it by February 2017 because I'll hopefully be starting Uni

I said the updates will be 1 to 3 times a week because I can't tell the future. Hopefully I'll get a job and have lots of shifts for the $$$ but maybe I won't. So we'll have to see. And obviously some weeks may have 3 updates and some may have none. But I won't leave you guys with such a long dry spell like I am currently.
Obviously my situation may change dramatically where I won't be able to update at all and that'll be the end. But - like my other book - I'd be willing to give this to someone else to finish.

So if you're happy to wait a few months ☺️☺️☺️☺️ thank youuuuu

Also, I had a message that someone is going to translate this into French !!! So cool !!! Merci !!!

If you do want to translate my book go ahead. I don't mind because I find it extremely cool! Maybe message me when you've started and then I can ~try~ to read it and support you.

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