Part 24

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She'd sat there, for hours, how many she didn't recall, but the sun had disappeared behind the blinds and she was growing tired. She wasn't sat on the bed for all that time, she sat there for a while, before having the urge to pee and get a drink at the same time. Now she was sitting on the couch, just watching the door and waiting for the blonde haired man to walk back through it.

But she was exhausted, did she really want him to come back and both be forced to talk about the awkward and serious thing that happened a few hours prior?
No, not at all.

She gave up waiting, standing up and making her way to the bedroom, tucking herself under the covers and resting her head on the pillow she didn't even get to ask what side of the bed was Niall's. Instead she made the decision on which side of the bed the charger was plugged into and slept on the opposite. Facing the wall about a meter away, her eyes dropped.

She didn't think her first night would end up like this.

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